You know her only
as a 
advocate for the poor…


An image reinforced

by countless sweet photos
of her smiling at babies…


MT 2

But do you know
of her secret visions?

Or of her
dark nights and
excruciating sufferings?

 Mother_Teresa Dark


Did you know she
went toe-to-toe with
Calcutta’s Goddess of Death?

 Statue of Maa Kali

And won.

Mother Teresa’s
strength has been matched
by few souls in history.

Now you can discover
the private episodes that
formed this modern saint.


MT 5

If you are looking for a
sentimental book about Mother Teresa,
then this is not it.

Instead, you’ll find here an
unflinching look at the first saint
of our global village.


Los Angeles’s Archbishop Jose Gomez
“This book reminds us – as Mother Teresa always did –
that God calls all of us to holiness.”


“This book,” said Scott Hahn,
“belongs in the hands of everyone
who loves this most beloved of modern women.”


Best-selling author Matthew Kelly said,
“For the first time we are given significant insight
into the inner-struggles that produced the
outer-triumph of this icon of modern holiness.”


Part biography and part spiritual reading,
these pages bring to light little-known details
of Mother Teresa’s life that will help
you conquer the sin and darkness
in what she called the slums of your heart.


You’ll learn how Mother Teresa
approached reading Scripture, what enabled
to persevere through agonizing nights,
and the remarkable — some would say
mystical — 
events that led her
to start the Missionaries of Charity.


MT 6

In considering her private visions and
her secret sufferings, author David Scott has discovered
scores of early episodes 
and chance encounters
that point to later, larger meanings.

These patterns, he suggests,
show that Mother Teresa’s life was choreographed
from above, as if a divine script had been
written for her from before her birth.


“This is the first true interpretation
of Mother Teresa’s life,” said
veteran author Mike Aquilina“It is a vivid and
delightfully readable biography for those

who wish to imitate her in some way.”


Learn to be an
everyday missionary
of Christ’s love.


We are all called to holiness, and the
saints are sent to us as real-life
examples of God’s love.

Join Archbishop Gomez, Scott Hahn,
and Matthew Kelly in letting Mother Teresa
guide you in finding holiness in a world
marked by the shadow of death
and a growing indifference to God.


MT 5

The Love that Made Mother Teresa
by David Scott
144 pages

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Watching Jesus grow daily in wisdom and grace, the Blessed Virgin Mary pondered in her heart the secrets of her divine Son.

Because Our Lady watched Christ grow each and every day, she created the most valuable manual of Christian perfection that can be had: her own heart.MT 8

When from the Cross Jesus said, “Behold your mother,” He invited us to read that manual — the book of the heart of Mary — wherein are found the secrets of the King.

Unfortunately, few of Mary’s words have come down to us, so we must read her heart as she read the heart of Jesus. We must ponder not only her words, but also the events of her life — her attitudes, her actions, and even her silence.

By imitating Our Lady, our lives — like hers — may also come to be full of grace.

In The Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Fr. Raoul Plus helps us do just that, opening for us the book of the heart of Mary in the simplest yet most vivid ways.

In pages filled with great devotion and penetrating wisdom, he moves us past modern misunderstandings and clichés about Mary into an encounter with the woman who was so remarkable that God Himself made her His spouse!

The Little Book of the Blessed Virgin Mary will awaken in you the thoughts and emotions that lead to deeper union with Mary and with her beloved son, Jesus.

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