Dr. Franco Serafini

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Dr. Franco Serafini lives in Bologna, Italy, where he grew up and received his education. He enjoys his work as a cardiologist at a local country hospital, to which he rides his bicycle on most days, weather permitting.

In his spare time, Dr. Serafini collects and appraises available clinical evidence about five eucharistic events officially recognized as miraculous by the Catholic Church. In the process, he has made connections with the Polish, Mexican, and Argentinian scientists who were involved in the most recent investigations. He travels around the world to meet these experts along with local eyewitnesses.

Since 2018, Dr. Serafini has reinvented himself as a public speaker on eucharistic miracles. He gives talks around Italy, has given multiple radio and television interviews, and has been involved in film and documentary shoots.

He and his wife are happily married and have two children.

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