Dr. Ralph M. McInerny

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Dr. Ralph McInerny — teacher, mentor, novelist, husband, father of seven, and grandfather of 17 — was one of the world’s finest Thomistic philosophers.

Dr. McInerny was the Director of the Jacques Maritain Center and the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame; he was also the Michael P. Grace Professor of Medieval Studies. Dr. McInerny was profoundly influential both in academia and in the broader culture. In the half-century after joining the Notre Dame faculty in 1955, he published more than two dozen scholarly books and edited an acclaimed series of translations of St. Thomas Aquinas’ commentaries. He also wrote more than 80 popular novels (most famously The Father Dowling Mysteries), co-founded Crisis and Catholic Dossier magazines, and served on President George W. Bush’s Committee on the Arts and Humanities.

Books by Dr. Ralph M. McInerny

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