Priscilla Smith McCaffrey

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Priscilla Smith McCaffrey is one of 9 daughters of John and Mary Smith who did not live on Main St., USA.  (There was one son.) She graduated from Thomas Aquinas College and later worked as research assistant to Fr. John Hardon, SJ, while studying Sacred Doctrine at St. John’s Univ., NY.  She taught in Catholic schools and was saved from law school when she married writer and publisher, Roger McCaffrey, and then homeschooled their four children.  She is blissful when in the garden or laughing with her grandchildren who see life from a Pooh-kind of view. (“I will be much bigger when I put away this puzzle.”) Meet her at on two separate podcasts where she talks about subjects of interest to homeschoolers and Catholic seniors.

Books by Priscilla Smith McCaffrey

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