Classic Catholic Mediations (book cover)

Classic Catholic Meditations
by Fr. Bede Jarrett, O.P.

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Classic Catholic meditations to help you banish your
spiritual lethargy and grow closer to God

Without regular reminders of God and a sure routine of prayer and meditation, your inner life shrivels up, your prayers grow listless, the sacraments become habits, and even the Mass seems routine.

Daily meditation is a proven remedy for such dangerous spiritual lethargy, and in our day it’s more important than ever before. That’s why the wise Dominican priest Bede Jarrett penned for busy Catholics like you the more than 120 meditations collected here — none longer than 1,000 words — to ensure that each of your days contains at least one brief, thoughtful encounter with God.

Each meditation calls to your attention some truth of revelation to help you keep in mind that God wants you to be a saint and to help you attain that lofty goal, no matter how secular your circumstances may be or how dry your spirits.

You don’t know how to meditate? No problem. Meditation is simply prayer of the mind and heart, a kind of prayer that Fr. Jarrett teaches you here in a page or two.

Once you learn it, you’ll find yourself reaping the rich spiritual harvest that regular meditation brings. In fact, within days of taking up these pages, you’ll be surprised to find yourself habitually addressing yourself to God — and not merely during crises but also in the ordinary course of your day, regularly calling on Him for strength and quietly speaking to Him out of the fullness of your heart.

Classic Catholic Meditations will calm your soul, enrich your faith, and help you pray. Why not begin today?


These holy meditations touch on hundreds of topics that will draw you closer to God and help you live as He wants you to live. Among the wide range of topics offered here for meditation are the following:
Almsgiving · Angels · Anointing of the sick · Authority · Baptism The Catholic Church as the repository of truth · Character vs. temperament Cheerfulness · The Church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic · The Communion of Saints · Confession · Confirmation · Contemplation Cultivating good habits · Detachment · Educating yourself in the Faith The Eucharist · Forming your conscience · Friendship with men and with God · Generosity of spirit · Gifts of the Holy Spirit · God’s grace God’s mercy after death · God’s nearness · God’s Providence · Happiness in Heaven · The Holy Name of Jesus · Holy Orders · The Holy Spirit in your life · The Holy Trinity · How to increase your love of God · Jesus as true God and true man · Listening for God in the Scriptures · The Liturgy The loneliness that sin causes · Marriage · The mysteries of the Faith · The Mystical Body of Christ · Nurturing virtue · Obedience · Overcoming distractions · The Pope · The relation of faith and prayer · Respect for property · The resurrection of the body · Righteous anger · The roots of sin · Seeing God face-to-face · Self-denial · The Sign of the Cross Silence in prayer · The solitude of Hell · Speaking to God · Spiritual aridity · Suffering · The Virgin Mary’s perfection and intercession · The wisdom of God · Your unique vocation — and countless more topics for meditation.


Bede ]arrett, 0.P. (1881-1934)

Fr. Bede Jarrett looked upon life as a great adventure, and his joyful spirit pervades these classic meditations, which combine a solid foundation in Church doctrine with down-to-earth insights applicable to everyday living.

Cyril Jarrett received the name Bede when, at age 17, he entered the Dominican order in England. The Dominicans sent him to study at Oxford and at Louvain, where he received his degree in theology. Ordained in 1904, Fr. Jarrett was stationed at St. Dominic’s Priory in London. At 33, he was named Prior there and, just two years later, was elected Provincial — an office he held the rest of his life. While serving as Provincial, Fr. Jarrett wrote numerous scholarly books, as well as a lively, popular biography of St. Dominic.

Fr. Jarrett’s demanding schedule of preaching and lecture engagements in England and abroad soon brought him to the attention of Catholics in the pew. He inspired them with his profound grasp of human nature and his eloquent explanations of the wise and loving ways of God. That same eloquence and Catholic understanding permeates the meditations he penned for this book.