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With the memory of Jesus fresh in their minds
(and of the angels who ministered to Him),
the Fathers of the Early Church wrote countless pages
about the energetic actions of the angels.

They showed how the mighty angels undertook their divinely-appointed mission from the instant of Creation through the time of Jesus . . . and they foretold the work of the angels that goes on today, and will continue even unto the end of time.

In the writings of these saints who lived not long after Jesus and the burst of angelic activity that accompanied His brief time on earth, you'll find not a hint of the cuddly angels whose images grace so many teacups and towels today, or of angels depicted as magical young men who wander our cities performing random acts of kindness.

There are no cutesy angels in Scripture!


On the contrary, these early saints were acquainted with the crushing power and fearful majesty of the angels; they understood that God endowed the angels with these virtues to equip them for the formidable tasks He gave them:

Michael the Archangel defeats the devil

not only defeating Satan,
but shepherding souls,
guiding nations, and, yes,
even governing the motions
of the material universe itself.


That even in the 21st Century
all these things are the work of angels
--- along with so much more ---
is news to modern men . . .
and even to many faithful Catholics.

Because it should not be news, the late French Cardinal Jean Daniélou gathered from the works of the early Fathers of the Church countless ancient truths about the angels, and wove them into a compelling narrative in a slim volume entitled, The Angels and their Mission.

Angels and Their Mission (cover)


From its pages, you'll learn why real angels
have to preface almost every human encounter
with the words, "Fear not!"

You'll come to know not merely the history-making roles they've played in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and even in other religions; you'll discover their activity in the Church today, in the Sacraments, at the time of your death, in the Second Coming, and in your own soul --- even at this very instant --- as you ponder whether angels are something you really need to know more about, or not.

Your angel knows that you do, and the Church's saints agree, including those Cardinal Daniélou turns to in this book: Origen and Eusebius, Sts. Basil, Ambrose, and Methodius; St. Gregory of Nyssa, St. Clement of Alexandria, and St. John Chrysostom (among others).

Trust these saints who were on familiar terms
with the angels.
Turn to their words.

Soon you'll be as close to the angels
as these saints were; and the angels will finally
begin to play in your life the great role
that God intends them to play.


Jean Cardinal Daniélou, S.J. (1905-1974)
was a French Catholic theologian, historian, and author.
Among his works are God and the Ways of Knowing and
The Bible and the Liturgy. Toward the end of his life,
he devoted much of his time to the poor.


For your children:
Stories of Angels
in the Bible

Book of Angels (cover)

Some kids think that angels are like the Easter Bunny: a nice story for babies, but not anything grown-ups believe in.

They're wrong!

And these thrilling stories of angels in the Bible show just how wrong.

Here are tales of the angels who were there when history itself began: the fallen angel who got Adam and Eve expelled from the Garden of Eden, and the good angel God sent with a flaming sword to keep them from entering again.

You'll meet the angel who --- just in time --- stops Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. Here are angels climbing the stairway to Heaven and the angel who saves God's servants from the fiery furnace they've been thrown into by a bad king.

From the New Testament, there's Gabriel, the angel God sends to tell Mary she will soon be the mother of Jesus, and there are the choirs of angels who sing above Bethlehem when that blessed birth happens, just as Gabriel said it would.

You'll meet the angel who frees St. Peter from prison and hosts of angels from the marvel-filled pages of Revelation, the last book of the Bible, which tells of things yet to come.

Angels past, angels present, and angels future: A Book of Angels shows children that angels are everywhere. They're God's loving servants, and they're our friends --- even today!

Marigold Hunt (d. 1994)
was a speaker for the Catholic Evidence Guild and served as advertising director of Sheed and Ward publishing company. Her other books include The First Christians and A Life of Our Lord for Children.

For your littlest ones:
Angel in the Waters

Angel in the Waters (cover)

In its mother's womb, a tiny baby grows, explores the waters, and talks with the angel who is there.

These gentle illustrations and wise words tell the story of that baby and the angel in the waters . . . a story that's sure to delight all young children, because the journey from conception to birth is their story, too.




Angels and Their Mission (cover)

Angel in the Waters  (cover)

Book of Angels (cover)

The Angels & Their Mission
Jean Cardinal Daniélou
144 pgs pbk $13.95

Angel in the Waters
Regina Doman
48 pgs full-color pbk $6.95

A Book of Angels
Marigold Hunt
176 pgs pbk $13.95




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