Peasant Mary

She's the simple peasant girl
they call Queen of Heaven.




Strong Mary statue

She's the Lord's humble servant,
yet an icon of womanly strength.





Mary, Mother of All

She's ever-virgin
and the mother of all.





Mary full of grace

She's lowly and exalted;
filled with grace
and font of grace.





Sinners fly to her . . .






but an angel bowed.





Madonna and Child

She's Mary, the mother of Jesus:
the most recognized
woman in history.



And the most





Mary of the garden
Non-Christians paint her as an earth goddess.
Skeptics say she's a projection of male psychological needs.
And others regard her as a ordinary, sinful woman.




With all the noise about
our Blessed Mother these days

Magazines featuring stories about Mary.




it's hard to hear the Church's
sure, strong voice speaking
quietly about her.




Now comes
Dr. Mark Miravalle,

Author Mark Miravalle with the Pope.

intent on helping the Church
dispel the fog of popular nonsense
that obscures Mary today.




Dr. Miravalle describes himself as
"a card-carrying, Rosary-praying Catholic,"
ut he's also a veteran professor of theology
at Franciscan University of Steubenville,
and a Mariologist: "one who studies Mary."

To provide sure and ready answers
to the countless questions surrounding Mary
today, Dr. Miravalle has just finished
a slim volume about her:

Meet Mary
Getting to Know
the Mother of God.

Meet Mary (book cover)


Meet Mary leaves behind rumor
and speculation, giving you instead
a clear and straightforward
presentation of what the Church
actually teaches about Mary.

For believing Catholics, it's a
welcome refresher course.

For inquiring non-Catholics and even
non-believers, it's an excellent introduction
to the woman revered by hundreds of millions.


Coronation of Mary


In Meet Mary, you'll encounter:

      • Everything the Bible says about her

      • What the early Christians believed, and why

      • Every one of the key teachings the Church
        has ever proclaimed about her.


More importantly (for Mary herself desires
to be known intimately, not academically)
you'll learn how to enter into a personal
relationship with Mary.

You'll soon come to regard Mary as Jesus did:
not as a distant and unapproachable figure
in the heavens, but as a good friend
and a tender, loving mother.

Madonna and Child


Best of all, Meet Mary will help you
become a better disciple of Jesus.

For the Son commands
us to imitate Him in all
things, and that includes
perfect love of his mother.


Meet Mary (book cover)

Meet Mary
Dr. Mark Miravalle
$12.95 list 144 pgs ppbk



"It's time for you to know more
about the Mother of the Lord,
and this book will do
precisely that for you."

Dr. Scott Hahn




Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Mary in the Bible and the early Church
Mary in the New Testament
Mary in the Old Testament
Mary in the early Church

Chapter 2
The Four Marian dogmas
Dogma versus doctrines
Mother of God
Mary's perpetual virginity
The Immaculate Conception
The Assumption

Chapter 3
Mary's spiritual motherhood
The meaning of motherhood
Giving life
Nourishing life
Sustaining life
Living communion

Chapter 4
Marian devotion
Higher than the Angels
The Rosary
History of the Rosary
Christian meditation and the Rosary
The heart of the Rosary
The Brown Scapular
Marian consecration
What about those statues?

Chapter 5
Mary in private revelation
Theology of private revelation
Now forms of private revelation
The Church and Marian apparitions
Degrees of Church approval
Mary's message to the modern world
The Miraculous Medal revelation
Lourdes, Fatima
Contemporary reported apparitions

A faithful mother

The Rosary
and other Marian prayers

The structure of the Rosary
The 20 mysteries of the Rosary
How to pray the Rosary
Other Marian prayers


Meet Mary
Dr. Mark Miravalle
$12.95 list 144 ppbk

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