Surprised by Truth 2 (book cover)


This book will
win thousands
to the fullness
of Catholic truth.

— Paul Thigpen,
Editor of Our Sunday Visitor's The Catholic Answer



Surprised by Truth 2
Fifteen Men and Women Give the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic




and scores of
Catholic leaders:

"There's hardly a better tool for communicating the fullness of the Catholic Faith than this collection of personal stories."
Marcus Grodi
EWTN's The Journey Home

"Compelling accounts of conversion. The reader cannot help but be moved by the inspiring stories of those whose hearts and minds were ‘surprised' by Truth."
Edward Cardinal Egan
Archbishop of New York

"God's grace is tailored to the needs of each individual, but there is also a pattern to God's love. These conversion stories reveal that pattern."
Francis Cardinal George
Archbishop of Chicago

"This book truly speaks to the hunger of the human heart. I recommend this book not only as a resource for parish RCIA programs and adult religious education, but also in the broader scope of parish evangelization efforts. Surprised by Truth 2 is about stirring the embers, rekindling the fire, and igniting the heart of the seeking pilgrim with the flame of God's love."
Most Rev. Anthony M. Pilla Bishop of Cleveland

"A wonderful book to energize us ‘born' Catholics!"
Most Rev. Thomas Welch
Bishop of Allentown

"Will certainly prove useful to us in our Christian Formation programs."
Most Rev. Andrew Pataki
Bishop of Passaic

"A very useful book."
Most Rev. Bernard Schmitt
Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston

"Whether you're a longtime Catholic, a searching Protestant, or a non-believer, you'll be moved by these compelling stories."
Steven K. Ray
Upon This Rock

"Illustrates in riveting detail the wonders God is working in His Church. Buy one for your Catholic friends and another for your non-Catholic friends!"
David Currie
Born Fundamentalist,
Born Again Catholic

"These true stories give remarkable insight into how God works to draw us to Himself, and increases our confidence in His mercy and truth. An excellent gift for friends and relatives who have lost their way."
Ralph Martin
Called to Holiness

"Spiritually inspiring and intellectually stimulating."
Lay Witness

"Excellent, often moving testimony of how God works through His Church."
Our Sunday Visitor


This collection of testimonies by fifteen converts who've found new life in the Catholic Church is one of the most potent weapons for the Faith ever crafted — because these converts give you an insider's view of the fatal weaknesses in the creeds and belief systems that they've finally rejected.

What's more, those rejected creeds are the counterfeits that beckon unwary Catholics every day: Fundamentalism, New Age paganism, Mormonism, materialistic hedonism, and much more.

Here you'll discover the reasons why these converts made the tough decision to forsake beliefs cherished by their families and friends in order to enter the Catholic Church — compelling reasons you can use to draw your own friends and relatives in similar circumstances to the Catholic Faith.

These converts will not only help your friends and relatives find their way into the Church — they'll convince your wavering Catholic friends to stay Catholic, and they'll even bolster your own faith when anti-Catholic arguments start to make you doubt.

You'll come away with new gratitude that God has given you the Faith, and with a strong new tool you can use to stand proudly for that Faith.


Kristine L. Franklin
Our Mission to Convert Catholics Made Us Catholic 

Jeff Childers
From the Church of Christ to Christ's Church 

Carolyn Kollegger
A Good Girl Who Went Through Bad Times 

Fr. Ray Ryland
Meeting Christ on His Terms, Not Ours 

Lynn Nordhagen
Once, Twice, Three Times a Catholic 

Steve Clifford
From the Latter-day Saints to the Communion of Saints 

Mary Beth Kremski
The Apostles Convert a Pentecostal

Nancy Montgomery
A Cafeteria Catholic Returns to the Table of the Lord 

John Gibson
Wiccan, Work It Out 

Tim Drake
A Lutheran Lad Finds Christ's Church 

Kevin M. Lowry
Son of a Preacher Man

Laura Johnson
Methodist Is Not Enough

Eric Pavlat
Wrong About Abortion, I Get Right About the Church

Martin K. Barrack
A Kosher Ham Finds Christ





Bible-believing churches Calvinism
The Church of Christ
Eastern Orthodoxy
The Episcopal Church
The Presbyterian Church
Spirit-filled churches
The Unitarian Church

Artificial contraception • The authority of the Pope
• The Bible and the illiterate • The Biblical roots of Catholic doctrine • Cafeteria Catholicism • Are Catholics Christians? • The Church Fathers • Christ's real presence in the Eucharist • Confession • Democracy in the Church • Doctrinal confusion in Protestantism • The Eucharist • How Martin Luther stumbled • How to convert Mormons • Is there one, true Church? • Liturgical worship versus spontaneous prayer • Married priests • Mary's role in salvation • The meaning and role of Tradition • The problem of authority • The problem with sola scriptura • Protestant fragmentation of the church • The role of beauty in worship • Roots of the Protestant churches • The Rosary • The Sacraments • Scripture and tradition • Shopping for churches • The Shroud of Turin • Submission to Jesus • Transubstantiation • The trauma of separating from Protestant roots • True devotion to Mary • Was the early Church Catholic? • Why are there bishops? • Why the Bible can't interpret itself • Plus much more!





Surprised by Truth 2 (book cover)  

"For those who are considering the claims of Catholicism, there is no more powerful impetus than reading or hearing conversion stories. The 15 personal accounts in Surprised by Truth 2, including Madrid's own pilgrimage, are each a provocative witness. But these stories should not be considered only for the non-Catholic. Another readership must be given the witness of conversion stories: cradle Catholics who may have lost their sense of wonder and appreciation for the Faith that was given them. I often wish every bored, blasé cradle Catholic could somehow experience the sense of awakening, of growing conviction, of leaping out, of risking and sacrificing for Truth, of coming Home. As one whose own conversion owes much to the witness of others, I deeply appreciate and highly commend Madrid's effort in this work of Catholic apologetics."
New Oxford Review

Surprised by Truth 2
15 Men and Women Give
the Biblical and Historical
Reasons for Becoming Catholic

by Patrick Madrid

320 pp ppbk

Sophia Institute Press
Box 5284, Manchester
NH 03108 USA




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