Running men

Adventure fills the pages of
The Tripods Attack!,

the first book of The Young Chesterton Chronicles,
a delightfully inventive
new Catholic fiction series.

Tripods re-imagines H.G. Wells, G.K. Chesterton, and Father Brown in an alternative Edwardian Age
of steam-driven wonders and sinister conspiracies.


Sixteen-year-old Gilbert Chesterton is orphaned
and friendless, working a menial job in grimy London.

When a strange meteor crashes in a rural field,
a newspaper hires him
to investigate.
Is it a
natural phenomenon,
or an alien invasion
that threatens mankind?

Soon Gilbert's joined by
young H.G. Wells, an enigmatic bearded man
known only as the Doctor,
and a short, middle-aged priest with a talent for
solving mysteries. (Even
St. Michael gets involved!)



While Gilbert struggles
with his budding faith in God,
the friends fight side-by-side
to save the world.
Tripods with book






The Tripods Attack
by John McNichol
384 pgs pbk $17.95

Book 1 of the
Young Chesterton Chronicles


Box 5284, Manchester, NH 03108 USA


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