Jesus on the Cross

In Gethsemane,
Jesus begged His disciples
to "watch one hour" with Him.
As I write these words
-- and as you read them --
Jesus continues to yearn
for our companionship.

Do you want to "watch one hour"
with Jesus, but find it difficult?

In the 1920s, a Dominican priest who lived in Jerusalem wrote a remarkable book that makes it easier.

"By means of this book," said Mother Teresa of Calcutta, "we enter right into the Heart of Jesus and discover how precious we are to Him and how much He longs for our love in return."

The late John Cardinal O'Connor said that this this book is "beautiful, devotional, and insightful; Fr. Benedict Groeschel has proclaimed it "a powerful aid to meditation"; and Dr. Alice von Hildebrand says "This book should be in the hands of every single Christian."

That's because its author, Rev. A.D. Sertillanges (1863-1948), wrote with the care of a scholar, the eye of a cinematographer, and the tenderness of a saint.

In the pages of this book, What Jesus Saw from the Cross, you'll be jostled by crowds as you enter Jerusalem with Jesus, choke on the dust of the narrow streets, breathe the rich smells of the city at festival time, and share the Last Supper with the disciples.

You'll weep in Gethsemane, witness the kiss of Judas and the lying accusations made before Herod and Pilate. You'll stumble with Jesus through narrow streets, bumped by pack animals and hawkers selling wares to the thrill-seeking crowd, sneering at the Cross Jesus bears.

You'll weep as soldiers drive home the nails and tremble as darkness covers the earth when Jesus dies.

So intense is Fr. Sertillanges' account of Jesus' last days --- and so faithful to the Gospel --- that generations of Catholics have used portions of What Jesus Saw from the Cross to prepare themselves for Mass, and have relied on larger sections as the basis for mini-retreats.

Some even use it as a "homebound pilgrimage" for times when they're too busy to travel. (Fr. Groeschel noted that "These pages are like a visit to the Holy Land --- two thousand years ago.")

When the late Fr. John Hardon still published The Catholic Faith, his magazine reported that:

Father Sertillanges' book immerses us into every detail, every event, and every emotion that accompanies the drama of Christ's suffering and sacrifice on the cross. After reading this book, every Christian will experience the vivid sense of being an eyewitness to the death of His Lord and view the Crucifixion as a personal event that touches his daily life. This is a book for all times, for all places, and for all people, especially our own age.

* * *

Has your faith waned recently?

Join Mother Teresa, Cardinal O'Connor, Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Dr. Alice von Hildebrand, and countless other good Catholics who have nourished their faith with What Jesus Saw from the Cross.

What Jesus Saw From the Cross (cover)

What Jesus Saw from the Cross
by Fr. A.G. Sertillanges
252 pgs pbk $16.95

Sophia Institute Press
Box 5284, Manchester
NH 03108

"I am happy to recommend
What Jesus Saw from the Cross.
Blessed Mother Teresa

 "What Jesus Saw from the Cross is the perfect book to take to prayer during Lent and  throughout the year."
Lay Witness

 "For families seeking spiritual reading, this book will be a valuable source of inspiration and of great value to parents when teaching their children about the central mystery of our faith."
Family Life

"This book deserves the attention
of all serious Christians."
The Priest


A. G. Sertillanges

Born in France, Antonin Gilbert Sertillanges entered the Dominican order when he was twenty, was ordained a priest in 1888, and devoted the rest of his life to study and prayer.

A gifted teacher and a prolific scholar, Fr. Sertillanges taught at the Catholic Institute in Paris for twenty years, and then elsewhere in France and Europe.

In the course of his long career, he published many books and over a thousand articles in the areas of philosophy, theology, art, and spirituality.

In addition to serving as a teacher and scholar, Fr. Sertillanges was greatly admired for his skills as a preacher, spiritual director, and apologist.

He was particularly successful in presenting the Catholic faith in compelling terms to the young and to the unconverted.

No "ivory tower" intellectual, but a passionate son of the Church, Fr. Sertillanges's works bridge the gap between theology and the Christian experience of ordinary laymen.

What Jesus Saw From the Cross (cover)

What Jesus Saw from the Cross
by Fr. A.G. Sertillanges
252 pgs pbk $16.95

Sophia Institute Press
Box 5284, Manchester
NH 03108


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"Reading this book was one of the greatest graces of my life!"

--- St. Thérèse
of Lisieux
End of the Present World (book cover)


It's one of those books that come out of nowhere --- almost literally --- just when the world needs it most.

Is it all correct --- what it reveals about the future, both for the world and the soul? From the vantage point of earth, who can say? It is written by a human.

But a great saint --- Thérèse of Lisieux --- was so taken by this book that it spurred her entry into the convent.

"Reading this book was one of the greatest graces of my life," she says in her autobiography. "The impression I received from it is too sweet to express. All the great truths of religion and the mysteries of eternity plunged into my soul a happiness not of this earth."

Completed in 1881 by an aged French priest, this remarkable book surfaced long enough to draw Thérèse into the convent and then, for more than a century, plunged back into obscurity.

Now we offer you the very first English translation of this hope-filled, chilling work.

In it, Fr. Arminjon gets right to the point: "The end of the world, Christ says, will come when the human race, sunk in the depths of indifference, is far from thinking about punishment and justice. It will be as in the days of Noah, when men lived without a care, built luxurious homes, and mocked Noah as he built his ark."

"Mankind, wallowing in unprecedented material prosperity, will have ceased to hope for heaven. Crudely attached to pleasures, man will say 'My soul, you have goods to last for many years. Eat, drink and be merry.' "

Does that sound eerily like today?

Fr. Arminjon insists that we "steer clear of every perilous opinion and make no assertion that is not justified by Tradition and the doctrine of the Fathers."

Yet it's precisely his sober reliance on Scripture and Tradition that makes this book so convincing . . . and so chilling!

But Fr. Arminjon doesn't merely sketch the darkness ahead; he also shows how Jesus will fill that darkness with light; and he details the rich bounty Christ has in store for all who stay faithful.

That's what caught Thérèse up in such fervent love of God, nourished her impatience for Heaven, and confirmed her decision to choose a life wholly consecrated to Divine Love.

The End of the Present World and the Mysteries of the Future Life: let it show you how to read the signs of the times and prepare you to bear yourself as a Christian (as it did Thérèse) . . . no matter what the future holds!

The End of the Present World
Fr. Charles Arminjon
336 pgs pbk $17.95

Sophia Institute Press
Box 5284, Manchester
NH 03108



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