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The Power of Penance

A Retreat Guide on the Holy Spirit

by Fr. John Bartunek

Every new liturgical season is a spiritual fresh start, a spiritual clean slate. Are you getting ready? This Retreat Guide will help prepare you.


The One Thing Needed

A Retreat Guide on Martha and Mary

by Fr. John Bartunek

Amidst all the noise of our world, how can we focus on what really matters? In this Retreat Guide, we will set our sights on the most important aspect of life.


Guide to Christian Meditation

How to Engage More Deeply in Personal Prayer

by Fr. John Bartunek

Join Father John Bartunek on an exhilarating, how-to journey into this time-tested method whose ultimate aim is intimacy with God: the Author not only of life, but also of the life of the mind.


Missionary of Wall Street Special

Evangelization 12 Pack

by Stephen Auth

"What am I, a chief investment officer of one of the country’s largest investment managers, doing hailing down strangers at night on the streets of New York City?"


Abandonment to God Set

by St. Francis De SalesFr. Joël Guibert

Renew and improve your spiritual life daily through these simple yet very fruitful methods.


The Spider Who Saved Christmas

by Raymond Arroyo

When Joseph, Mary, and Jesus are in danger of being discovered and harmed by Herod’s murderous soldiers, a cave-dwelling spider named Nephila risks her and her children’s safety to help her hallowed visitors.

The expected release date is Oct 15, 2020.

Our Peculiar Times

Catholic Wisdom for Times of Crisis

by Fr. George William Rutler

Father Rutler dives deep into the relevant histories to put our modern times into a balanced perspective and provide us with moral applications that enable us to see, understand, and navigate our current circumstances.

The expected release date is Aug 15, 2020.

What Catholics Need to Know About Islam

by William Kilpatrick

William Kilpatrick pulls no punches in courageously confronting the threats posed by Islam.

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Everyday Catholicism: God’s Miracles in Our Lives

God's Miracle in Our Lives

by LeAnn Thieman

Through the ages up to and including ours, Catholics have witnessed or heard about miraculous events that offer supernatural evidence of God’s existence and involvement in our lives. Here is a selection of astonishing true stories that will leave you convinced of the reality of God like never before.

Restless Heart

My Struggle with Life & Sexuality

by Kim Zember

Kim’s transparency about her life offers encouragement to those seeking peace and joy for their own restless hearts. In the end, love wins.


The expected release date is Sep 17, 2020.

Chicken Soup for the Soul, Everyday Catholicism: Hearing God’s Answers in Our Lives

by LeAnn Thieman

Since the beginning of time and throughout all history, people have inspired and upheld one another by sharing their stories of faith, in times of trial and in times of joy.

How Science Points to God

by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren

This book scans science and its findings for pointers to God. More than any other book on this issue, it scans a wide range of scientific fields: astronomy, physics, genetics, biology, neuroscience, behavioral science, and semantics.

The Better Part: The Gospel of John

A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

by Fr. John Bartunek


The Better Part: The Gospel of Luke

A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

by Fr. John Bartunek


The Better Part: The Gospel of Mark

A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

by Fr. John Bartunek


The Better Part: The Gospel of Matthew

A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

by Fr. John Bartunek


Failing Forward

Leadership Lessons for Catholic Teens Today

by Alan MiglioratoDarryl Dziedzic


The Better Part: Four Volume Set

A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

by Fr. John Bartunek

Open these pages to discover the methods of meditation that best suit you, develop your friendship with Christ, and experience the true Christian joy of a deep, fruitful life of prayer.


Finding God Through Meditation

by Dan BurkeSt. Peter Of Alcantara


30 Days with Teresa of Avila

by Anthony LillesDan Burke

These unedited letters of Teresa of Avila to her friends offer a rare window from which to gaze upon the Saint's genuine witness and pragmatic advice on pursuing an intimate friendship with God.


Chicken Soup for the Soul, Everyday Catholicism: Real Stories of God in Our Lives

Real Stories of God in Our Lives

by LeAnn Thieman

These true personal stories will amaze, inspire and comfort you with the certainty that there is a loving, personal God at work in our lives.


Chicken Soup for the Soul, Everyday Catholicism: Seeing God's Action in Our Lives

Seeing God's Action in Our Lives

by LeAnn Thieman

These compelling stories present convincing evidence of God’s active presence in our everyday lives. Whether you’re a cradle Catholic or a convert, solid in the Faith or wavering, these stories will deepen your conviction and stimulate your hope and trust in God.

Ask Peter Kreeft Set book cover
$33.90 $20.99

Ask Peter Kreeft Set

by Fr. Cliff ErmatingerDr. Peter Kreeft

Here are some of the most facsinating Catholic Q&A books you'll read!

Priestly Renewal Set book cover
$32.90 $24.99

Priestly Renewal Set

by Kathleen BeckmanKevin Wells

We hope and pray these two books will move souls to pray for a renewal of the priesthood.


Carmelite Spirituality

The Way of Carmelite Prayer and Contemplation

by Cardinal Anders Arborelius, O.C.D.


Orando con Madre Angelica

Meditaciones sobre el Rosario, el Vía Crucis y otras Oraciones

by Mother Angelica

Las meditaciones de Madre Angélica combinan las intuiciones de un maestro espiritual con el cariño de una madre amorosa. Sus breves, pero poderosas meditaciones elevarán tu alma al Cielo y te guiarán hacia una reflexión profunda sobre el amor de Dios y la vida de Nuestra Señora.


The expected release date is Aug 15, 2020.

Day-by-Day Coloring Book of Saints Volume 2

July through December

by Mary MacArthurAnna Maria Mendell

Brick by Brick book cover
$17.95 $10.00

Brick by Brick

Building a Strong Family That Won't Lose Their Faith in a Secular Culture

by The Regnier Family

Catholic parents who fear that their teens and adult children may leave the Faith will welcome Brick by Brick, the encouraging story of André and Angèle Regnier, whose five adult children don’t merely continue to go to Mass but have all even become Catholic missionaries!


It’s Good To Be Here

A Disabled Woman's Reflections on God in the Flesh and the Sacred Wonder of Being Human

by Christina Chase

Crippled though she is, author Christina Chase’s fearful disabilities have led her not into anger, bitterness, or despair, but rather into a profound and exceptional encounter with God’s love itself—an encounter that you, too, can experience through the gentle allure of Christina’s witness.


Friends of the Bridegroom

For a Renewed Vision of Priestly Celibacy

by Marc Cardinal Ouellet

With the mind of a theologian and the heart of a pastor, Marc Cardinal Ouellet releases this timely book to help Catholics arrive at a deeper understanding of the Church’s traditional teaching on the priesthood and the discipline of celibacy

In the Beginning Set book cover
$31.90 $20.99

In the Beginning Set

by Fr. Nicolas J. LaforetDr. Gerard Verschuuren

Learn how a Catholic scientist explains how God made the earth and ease any causes for unbelief.

Union with God Set book cover
$36.90 $24.99

Union with God Set

by Anthony LillesFr. Gabriel Of St. Mary Magdalen

St. John of the Cross experinced a rooted life in prayer and a true intimacy with God during his lifetime. Here's how.


Wheat and Tares

Restoring the Moral Vision of a Scandalized Church

by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

Fr. Mitch reinforces what Christ’s parables teach us: that good and evil will co-exist in the Church, and that spiritual blindness will affect the moral life of the clergy and the lay faithful alike.


The expected release date is Aug 15, 2020.

Captivated by the Master

A Theological Consideration of Jesus Christ

by Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.

Theologian Fr. Brian Mullady brings enlightenment and consolation to the faithful with this concise yet powerful summary of the teachings of the Catholic Church about Christ.

Overcoming the Evil Within

The Reality of Sin and the Transforming Power of God's Grace and Mercy

by Fr. Wade Menezes


Raising Upright Kids

In an Upside-Down World

by Dr. Ray Guarendi

The barriers to raising moral and mature children are higher and more treacherous than ever. In Raising Upright Kids in an Upside-Down World, acclaimed Catholic psychologist Dr. Ray Guarendi offers parents a roadmap through this difficult and sometimes frightening terrain.


Advent Reflections

Meditations for a Holy Advent

by Brandon McGinley

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the secular pre-Christmas season, these Advent reflections invite you to slow down and reflect on the season’s spiritual and liturgical themes.


Roman Encounters

The Unity of the Church and the Holy See’s Responsibility for the Universal Church

by Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller

Cardinal Müller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has assembled here his most noteworthy lectures, interviews, and dialogues to offer a clear and compelling exploration of Catholic teachings.


Respuestas, No Promesas

by Mother Angelica

De una manera delicada y respetuosa, la Madre Angélica nos confronta con nuestros verdaderos problemas, levantando nuestro corazón hacia Dios y dirigiendo nuestra alma hacia el Cielo.


A Catholic Scientist Proves God Exists

by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren

Verschuuren’s stunning proofs for God’s existence — based on evidence alone — will open your eyes, stir your heart and, more importantly, deepen your faith in the wondrous Creator of Heaven and earth!


Jesus Speaks to Faustina and You

by Susan Tassone

With the help of St. Faustina and bestselling author Susan Tassone, learn to hear and live by Jesus’ words as if they had been spoken directly to you.


The Road to Spiritual Fitness

A Five-Step Plan for Men

by Danny Abramowicz

Retired NFL star Danny Abramowicz shares key details of his journey down the Road to Spiritual Fitness and provides you with some of the first-class tools that have sustained him along the way (and will sustain you, too).

God’s Oasis Set book cover
$33.90 $24.99

God’s Oasis Set

by Elizabeth LevJohn-Mark L. Miravalle

Discover the true meaning of Beauty and how it triumphed in Counter-Reformation Art.


Spirit of Truth Home Edition Gr8 Student Set

by Sophia Institute For Teachers


How to Feel Good and How Not To

The Ethics of Using Marijuana, Alcohol, Antidepressants, and Other Mood-Altering Drugs

by John-Mark L. Miravalle

In these pages, author John-Mark Miravalle explores, through a Catholic lens, the phenomenon of chemical mood alteration and reflects on our feelings of pleasure and suffering and how they relate to the rest of our humanity.

Navigating the Interior Life

Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God

by Dan Burke

Most of us have questions about spiritual direction. What is it? Is it for me? What if I can’t find a spiritual director? These questions and more are all well answered in Dan Burke’s book.

Spiritual Renewal Set book cover
$30.90 $24.99

Spiritual Renewal Set

by St. Francis De SalesChristopher O. BlumFr. John Portavella

Renew your spiritual life with the teachings and methods of St. Francis de Sales and the knowing consolation that God is always present in the workings of our lives.


The Decalogue Decoded

What You Never Learned about the Ten Commandments

by Fr. Brian Mullady, O.P.

Here you’ll come to understand how the Commandments are not just ten individual rules; they are an entire plan of life that draws you ever closer to God and brings you enduring peace with others — and with yourself.


Little Manual for Spiritual Growth Set

by Fr. Frederick William FaberFr. John Portavella

We all could use a little manual in our life. Where do you desire to grow in holiness?

Spirit and Life Set book cover
$42.90 $29.99

Spirit and Life Set

by Fr. Basil W. MaturinRose Rea

Prayer. Why should we practice it especially by way of the Sacraments? Not because we feel emotionally inclined, but becuase it is the right thing to do.

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