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False Mercy book cover

False Mercy

Recent Heresies Distorting Catholic Truth

by Christopher Malloy

In this brilliant exposition of doctrine, rivaling those of Chesterton and Belloc, Dr. Malloy uses a rich variety of Catholic documents and catechisms to explain specific modern heresies, how they cropped up, and the actual Church teachings they seek to undermine.


Blue Collar Apologetics

How To Explain and Defend Catholic Teaching Using Common Sense, Simple Logic, and the Bible

by John Martignoni

At a time when vast numbers of Catholics are slipping away from the Faith, God has tasked you and countless other Catholics with understanding it so you will be prepared to defend it. 


A Course in Thomistic Ethics

by Dr. D.Q. McInerny

Dr. McInerny’s classic on Thomistic ethics provides the general principles which go together to form the foundation of the science of ethics, according to the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas. Treats of such basic subjects as: the end of human action; the role of intellect and will in morality; the passions; habit; virtue and vice.

What Catholics Need to Know About Islam

by William Kilpatrick

William Kilpatrick pulls no punches in courageously confronting the threats posed by Islam.

The World According to God

The Whole Truth About Life and Living

by F.X. Cronin

Cronin takes skeptics and believers alike on a delightful tour of reality, starting with incontrovertible proofs for the existence of truth itself.

Catholic Faith Explained

by Michel Therrien

Written for believers and others seeking to know the faith of Catholics better, this simple, straightforward introduction presents the basics of what the Church teaches about God and explains why believing in Him is important.


A Catholic Scientist Proves God Exists

by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren

Verschuuren’s stunning proofs for God’s existence — based on evidence alone — will open your eyes, stir your heart and, more importantly, deepen your faith in the wondrous Creator of Heaven and earth!


Friends of the Bridegroom

For a Renewed Vision of Priestly Celibacy

by Marc Cardinal Ouellet

With the mind of a theologian and the heart of a pastor, Marc Cardinal Ouellet releases this timely book to help Catholics arrive at a deeper understanding of the Church’s traditional teaching on the priesthood and the discipline of celibacy


Roman Encounters

The Unity of the Church and the Holy See’s Responsibility for the Universal Church

by Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Muller

Cardinal Müller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has assembled here his most noteworthy lectures, interviews, and dialogues to offer a clear and compelling exploration of Catholic teachings.


Respuestas, No Promesas

by Mother Angelica

De una manera delicada y respetuosa, la Madre Angélica nos confronta con nuestros verdaderos problemas, levantando nuestro corazón hacia Dios y dirigiendo nuestra alma hacia el Cielo.


Ask Peter Kreeft

The 100 Most Interesting Questions He's Ever Been Asked

by Dr. Peter Kreeft

I’ve given thousands of lectures around the country to engaged, thoughtful, curious university and church audiences and have always made it a practice to allow for as many questions as possible. Here are the most interesting ones I’ve been asked, and the answers I gave.

In the Beginning book cover
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In the Beginning

A Catholic Scientist Explains How God Made Earth Our Home

by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren

In this work of basic science written for nonspecialists, scientist Gerard Verschuuren shows how the latest findings of modern cosmology, physics, chemistry, geology, and other sciences prove that Earth was created to be our home.

Beauty book cover


What It is and Why It Matters

by John-Mark L. Miravalle

Offering an abundance of accessible examples, author John Mark Miravalle demonstrates that beauty is neither in the eye of the beholder, nor for the cultivated, the dreamer, or the “hopeless romantic” alone. On the contrary, the ability to understand, recognize, and delight in beauty readies all souls for heaven — and makes it easier for us to get there.


The Missionary of Wall Street

From Managing Money to Saving Souls on the Streets of New York

by Stephen F. Auth

Business TV maven Steve Auth has written a fascinating book about his work as chief investment officer of one of NY’s largest investment firms by day—and Catholic evangelist on the streets of NYC by night.


Grace and Truth

Twenty Steps to Embracing Virtue and Saving Civilization

by Fr. George William Rutler

Fr. Rutler gracefully tackles a wide range of topics, from the importance of avoiding mediocrity to the role of mothers in passing down tradition. The topics are many, but all serve a common purpose: to show how we can understand and live the Faith in this culture that daily drifts further from the truth.


How Catholic Art Saved the Faith

The Triumph of Beauty and Truth in Counter-Reformation Art

by Elizabeth Lev

How Catholic Art Saved the Faith tells the story of the creation and successes of this vibrant, visual-arts SWAT team whose war cry could have been “art for Faith’s sake!”


Forty Anti-Catholic Lies

A Mythbusting Apologist Sets the Record Straight

by Dr. Gerard Verschuuren

In these pages, veteran apologist Gerard Verschuuren provides thorough yet concise answers to forty of the most common — and absurd — lies about the Catholic Church.



Forty Reasons I Am a Catholic

by Dr. Peter Kreeft

“Why are you a Catholic?” is a good question. Here are forty of Dr. Peter Kreeft's answers.


From Atheism to Catholicism

Nine Converts Explain Their Journey Home

by Marcus GrodiBrandon McGinley

These personal and thought-provoking stories reveal virtually every objection that atheists have to God, and the arguments that led them to the Catholic Church.

Surprised by Life

10 Converts Explain How Catholic Teachings on Life Led Them to the Church

by Patrick Madrid

Here you’ll read the eye-opening, often heartrending life stories of ten people who struggled with some of the most difficult issues human beings face.



The Proverbs Explained

A Blueprint for Christian Living

by Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ

In these pages, Fr. Mitch Pacwa, host of EWTN Live, will help you make the most of the treasure-trove of practical advice found in the Book of Proverbs.


A Priest Answers 27 Questions

You Never Thought to Ask

by Fr. Michael Kerper

With wit and enthusiasm, Fr. Michael Kerper tackles over two dozen questions about the Catholic faith in this fast-paced and thoroughly enjoyable book.

Catholicism & Reason

The Creed and Apologetics

by Rev. Edward J. HayesRev. Msgr. Paul J. HayesJames J. Drummey

The most readable apologetics book on the market today, Catholicism and Reason offers a systematic presentation of Catholic beliefs that will prepare the reader to be a knowledgeable and articulate defender of the Catholic Faith.


Anti-Catholic Myths Debunked

Five Common Misconceptions Answered and Explained

by Bishop Patrick John Ryan

Archbishop Patrick John Ryan unveils the great mistake of those who reject the Catholic Church for what they consider to be it's absurd teachings.


Knowing God’s Love

8 Essential Truths Every Catholic Should Know

by John LaBarbara

This book will give you clear, concise, and readable explanations of the foundational truths of the Catholic faith.

What Catholics are Free to Believe or Not

by Fr. H.G. Hughes

Father Hughes provides clear, succinct, detailed answers to what Catholics are bound to believe and practice, and what they're free to dismiss.
Holy Water book cover

Holy Water

and Its Significance for Catholics

by Rev. Henry Theiler

In clear, convincing language, Father Theiler lays out for Christians countless surprising, but long-forgotten, truths about Holy Water.


Proving the Catholic Faith is Biblical

From Priestly Celibacy to the Rosary: 80 Short Essays Explaining the Biblical Basis of Catholicism

by Dave Armstrong

In these pages, veteran apologist Dave Armstrong carefully walks you through the key teachings of the Church, revealing how each is rooted in Scripture.


The Biblical Roots of the Mass

by Thomas Nash

The Biblical Roots of the Mass shows the Bible to be a truly Catholic story, and the Mass to be vital for achieving the Church’s divinely ordained mission.


The Lord’s Prayer

Understanding the 55-Word Catechism Jesus Gave Us

by Fr. Romano Guardini

Christ taught us the Lord’s Prayer as the first and most important of all our catechisms, and here’s the book that uncovers the riches in these familiar words.


Reclaiming Catholic Social Teaching

A Defense of the Church's True Teachings on Marriage, Family, and the State

by Anthony Esolen

Esolen explains that Catholic Social Teaching isn’t focused exclusively on serving the poor, but offers us a rich treasure of insights about the nature of man.


Catechesi Tradendae

On Catechesis in Our Time

by St. John Paul II

Saint Pope John Paul II describes the important and unique roles the Church, the laity, and the family play in living out the Faith fully.


The Sign of the Cross

The Fifteen Most Powerful Words in the English Language

by St. Francis De SalesChristopher O. Blum

From young St. Francis de Sales comes this defense of the Catholic practice of making the Sign of the Cross, which Calvinists denounced as a Popish invention.


Canon Law Explained

A Handbook for Laymen

by Fr. Laurence J. Spiteri

Fr. Spiteri offers lucid explanations of the Church's official governing procedures in matters such as abbots and annulments, scandals and Sacraments, and more!


Rebuilding Catholic Culture

How the Catechism Can Shape Our Common Life

by Dr. Ryan Topping

Dr. Ryan Topping shows that in the West today the most formidable threat to freedom is not failing economies or Islam, but secularism, and he unveils a way out.


The One-Minute Aquinas

The Doctor's Quick Answers to Fundamental Questions

by Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

The One-Minute Aquinas provides busy readers with simple, readable explanations of the truths that make you hungry to know God and always love Him more.


Catholics and the Culture War

by Tim Staples

These are perilous times to be a Christian of any stripe, much less a Catholic. How did we get here? And what are we to do? In this DVD, Apologist Tim Staples confronts the problem in the only way he knows – head on and armed with Scripture and the teachings of the Church.


Why Be Catholic?

by Tim Staples

Don't you wish everyone you knew was Catholic? In his groundbreaking DVD, Why Be Catholic?, apologist Tim Staples offers an engaging and simple solution: "Catholicism has the cure for what ails each of us." Using an entertaining speaking style, backed up by logic and science, Tim leaves his audience with answers to our most fundamental questions.


The DVD is currently on backorder.

Understanding Miracles

How to Know if They Are from God, the Devil, or the Imagination

by Zsolt Aradi

There are more false claims about miracles than nearly anything else — by skeptics and believers alike, few of whom know what the Church says about miracles.


Always Inspired

Why Bible-Believing Christians Need the Catholic Church

by Abbot Basil Christopher Butler

This book shows why the Bible can never be the sole criterion of faith nor serve alone as a sufficient foundation for the full Christian life to which Jesus calls us.


St. Augustine Answers 101 Questions On Prayer

on Prayer

by St. Augustine Of Hippo

Here are questions we all ask — answered by a Saint! Fr. Cliff Ermatinger has gathered Augustine’s teachings into a simple question-and-answer format.


The One-Minute Apologist

Essential Catholic Replies to Over 60 Protestant Claims

by Dave Armstrong

The One-Minute Apologist is the one source you’ll find yourself turning to whenever you have the need to defend the Catholic Faith quickly, credibly, and well.


Memorize the Faith!

(And Almost Anything Else) Using Methods Taught by the Great Catholic Medieval Memory Masters

by Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

St. Thomas Aquinas perfected an easy method for his students to memorize most any information, but especially the truths taught by Christ and His Church.


The Holy See’s Teaching on Catholic Schools

by Archbishop J. Michael Miller

Archbishop J. Michael Miller distills the Church’s teachings on Catholic education and explains the five marks of all good Catholic schools.


Catholic Verses

95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants

by Dave Armstrong

Dave Armstrong here explains 95 key Bible passages that confound all who would use Scripture to criticize the Church.


Why Does God Permit Evil?

15 Reasons That Make Sense of Your Suffering and Will Give You Strength to Bear It

by Dom Bruno Webb

In this slim volume, you’ll find the most convincing explanation of the mystery of evil available today.

Rapture book cover


The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind

by David B. Currie

These pages hold the world’s most careful and thorough scriptural study of the rapture, and show that if you accept the Bible, you must reject the rapture.

Half-Truths book cover


What's Right (and What's Wrong) in The Ideas You Live By

by Dr. Montague Brown

Discover the Truth (and the Falsehood) in the clichés that end discussions, shut down thought, and rule so much of your Life.


A Biblical Defense of Catholicism

by Dave Armstrong

Author David Armstrong shows that the Catholic Church is the “Bible Church par excellence,” and that many common Protestant doctrines are in fact not Biblical.


Surprised by Truth 3

10 More Converts Explain the Biblical and Historical Reasons for Becoming Catholic

by Patrick Madrid

Ten former Protestants tell why they became Catholic -- and why others should, too!

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