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Meditations on the Holy Rosary

by Rev. Dolindo Ruotolo

Engaging and comforting, these spiritual gems will fortify you along the road to holiness. This book is beneficial both for beginners and those more advanced in the spiritual life.


The expected release date is Jul 26, 2022.

Rooting Out Hidden Faults and Prayer Set

by St. Alphonsus LiguoriJames F. McElhone, CSC

The Catholic Mass Set book cover
$36.90 $29.99

The Catholic Mass Set

by Fr. John BartunekBishop Athanasius Schneider


Divine Intimacy

by Fr. Gabriel Of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.

This book of meditations is a classic and is seeped in Carmelite spirituality. It offers two daily meditations in liturgical arrangement which enable the soul to enter the conscious presence of God and to reflect on the theme of the day.

Prayer book cover


The Great Means of Salvation and Perfection

by St. Alphonsus Liguori

Proclaimed a Doctor of the Church and justly revered for his efforts and achievements as a pastor and bishop, St. Alphonsus offers here one of the most powerful and accessible primers on the art of prayer ever written.


A Holy Hour with Mother Angelica

by Mother Angelica

An ever-faithful disciple of the Church and Her Tradition, Mother Angelica saved her most precious words for her viewers. The fruit of her years of prayerful reflections as a Poor Clare Nun of Perpetual Adoration, this book is a beautiful accompaniment to prayer in front of the Blessed Sacrament or at home.


Surrender Novena


Jesus, I Surrender Myself to You, The Surrender Novena Trifold Holy Card.

Pocket Guide for Recitation of Divine


According to the 1962 edition of the Breviarium Romanum.

Fire Within: St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and the Gospel on Prayer

St. Teresa of Avila, St. John of the Cross, and the Gospel on Prayer

by Fr. Thomas Dubay

This book is the fruit of Fr. Dubay's many years of study and experience in spiritual direction and in it he synthesizes the teachings on prayer of the two great doctors of the Church on prayer--St. John of the Cross and St. Teresa of Avila--and the teaching of Sacred Scripture. But the teaching that Fr. Dubay synthesized is not collected from Teresa and John for contemplatives alone. It is meant for every Christian and is based on the Gospel imperative of personal prayer and the call to holiness. All the major elements of these great teachers are ordered, commented on and put in the context of their scriptural foundations. Here is an outstanding book on prayer and the spiritual life written by one of the best spiritual directors and retreat masters of our time, and based on the writings of the Church's two greatest mystical doctors. Softcover, 360 pp.

Blessed Be God: A Complete Catholic Prayer Book

by Fr. Charles J. Callan

A Complete Catholic Prayer Book by Fr. Charles J. Callan, OP & Fr. John A. McHugh, OPA. Compiled by the famous editors of the Homiletic & Pastoral Review, AMERICA'S FAVORITE CATHOLIC PRAYER BOOK went through several editions, the last in 1960. This is the newest reprinting and it has been done as close as possible to its original specifications.


Unleashing the Power of Intercessory Prayer

by Joseph Hollcraft

This inspiring book walks you through nine key steps to boosting your intercessory prayer’s power and efficacy.


Catholic Reader’s Bible: The Epistles and Revelation

by Sophia Institute Press

The Catholic Reader’s Bible is perfect for brief devotional moments as well as for long, delightful hours of extended reading.


Catholic Reader’s Bible: The Four Gospels and the Acts of the Apostles

by Sophia Institute Press

The Catholic Reader’s Bible is perfect for brief devotional moments as well as for long, delightful hours of extended reading.


St. Corona Prayer Card Ten Pack

by Sophia Institute Press


St. Corona Prayer Card Fifty Pack

by Sophia Institute Press


A Year with Fr. Rutler

4-Volume Set

by Fr. George William Rutler

This prized set features nearly four hundred of Fr. Rutler’s most brilliant and cherished homilies and other writings, carefully organized to follow the liturgical year of the Catholic Church.


Lord, Teach Us To Pray

A Fulton Sheen Anthology

by Archbishop Fulton J. SheenAllan Smith

For the first time ever, Ven. Fulton Sheen's wise teachings on prayer have been collected into a single volume to help you perfect your prayers and make them what they must become: a daily, holy habit.


Finding God Through Meditation

by Dan BurkeSt. Peter Of Alcantara


30 Days with Teresa of Avila

by Anthony LillesDan Burke

These unedited letters of Teresa of Avila to her friends offer a rare window from which to gaze upon the Saint's genuine witness and pragmatic advice on pursuing an intimate friendship with God.


The Priests We Need to Save the Church

by Kevin Wells

While dissolute bishops and priests around the world grab headlines for their untoward words and deeds, too many other unfruitful priests minister as little more than glad-handing bachelors doing social service work.


Navigating the Interior Life

Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God

by Dan Burke

Most of us have questions about spiritual direction. What is it? Is it for me? What if I can’t find a spiritual director? These questions and more are all well answered in Dan Burke’s book.


Union with God

According to St. John of the Cross

by Fr. Gabriel Of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.Father Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.

Christian perfection consists in the twofold way of charity: service of neighbor and our direct quest for God’s love. Many of us discover ways to love our neighbor, but few achieve intimacy with God. Why? Because we don’t know how to prepare ourselves properly to reach this exalted goal.


Mother Angelica’s Way of the Cross

by Mother Angelica

For the first time, EWTN Publishing has compiled and made available to you the beautiful meditations on the Stations of the Cross, collected and edited by Fr. Joseph Mary Wolfe – longtime chaplain at EWTN.


A Layman’s Guide to the Liturgy of the Hours

How the Prayers of the Church Can Change Your Life

by Fr. Timothy Gallagher

St. Paul exhorts us to “pray without ceasing” — a beautiful goal that sounds daunting, even impossible. But wait! These pages break open an authoritative, time-tested method that countless laymen still use today to pray with constancy and thereby soar to the heights of holiness.


Praying for Priests New Edition

An Urgent Call for the Salvation of Souls

by Kathleen Beckman

In this newly revised 2018 edition, celebrated retreat master and author Kathleen Beckman addresses the current abuse crisis facing the Church, offering Church-approved ways in which you can contribute to its welfare.


By Dawn’s Early Light

Prayers and Meditations for Catholic Military Wives

by Donna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

Traditional and original prayers, as well as teachings and inspiration from Jesus, Mary, and the Saints are woven throughout the entire book to give a powerful shot in the arm and to uplift spirits.


The Contemplative Rosary

with St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Avila

by Dan BurkeConnie Rossini

The Contemplative Rosary takes St. John Paul II and St. Teresa of Avila as guides and explores the difference between contemplation and meditation.


Mother Angelica on Prayer and Living for the Kingdom

And Living for the Kingdom

by Mother Angelica

This volume brings together, for the first time, the writing and reflections on prayer that preceded and inspired Mother Angelica's extraordinary media ministry.


Total Consecration

Through the Mysteries of the Rosary

by Fr. Ed Broom, OMV

Fr. Ed Broom has developed this powerful retreat that culminates in the total consecration to Jesus through Mary – and all it takes is a few moments each day!

When Women Pray

Eleven Catholic Women on the Power of Prayer

by Kathleen Beckman

This timely work proclaims the joy of prayer and wealth of grace entrusted to praying women.



Fire from Above

Christian Contemplation and Mystical Wisdom

by Anthony Lilles

With the wisdom of saints and mystics, Dr. Lilles shows you how to put your whole life in conversation with the Risen Lord.

Praying with Mother Angelica

Meditations on the Rosary and the Way of the Cross

by Mother Angelica

Mother Angelica’s meditations combine the spiritual insights of a master with the warmth of a loving mother. Her short but powerful reflections will lift your soul to Heaven and lead you into a thoughtful and penetrating reflection on the love of God and the life of Our Lady.


Meditations on Mary

by Bishop Jacques-Benigne BossuetChristopher O. Blum

In these pages, Bishop Bossuet takes you on a stunning pilgrimage through the principal mysteries of Our Lady’s life.


Leader’s Edition Study Guide for I Believe in Love

by Rita Ford

This Leader's Edition will help you guide your group through the Study Guide for I Believe in Love as you explore the teachings of St. Therese more deeply.


Study Guide for I Believe in Love

by Rita Ford

This study guide helps you explore the teachings of St. Therese more deeply while inspiring you to integrate them into your daily lives.


Worshipping a Hidden God

Unlocking the Secrets of the Interior Life

by Archbishop Luis M. Martinez

Martinez shows you how to live in the obscurity of faith, detached both from consolations and desolations, and why this is best for your soul.


Basics of Catholic Living

by St. Francis De SalesMarguerite DuportalFr. John A. KaneFr. Raoul PlusFr. Francis J. Remler

Written by some of the Church's greatest saints and theologians, these short, accessible books will help you deeply commit to Christ, engage in an active prayer life, and overcome common challenges and obstacles that confront you along the way to heaven.


Strength in Simplicity

The Busy Catholic's Guide to Growing Closer to God

by Bishop Emmanuel De Gibergues

Essential (and easy) reading for busy Catholics, Strength in Simplicity shows you how to grow closer to God in the things you already do every day.


When God Is Silent

Finding Spiritual Peace Amid the Storms of Life

by Archbishop Luis M. Martinez

Martinez shows how you can make better sense of your life once you realize that God has actually been closest to you when He seemed farthest away.


Prayer Works!

Getting a Grip on Catholic Spirituality

by Matthew Leonard

If you’ve never read a book on prayer, Prayer Works! is the right one for you. And if you’ve read lots of books on prayer, Prayer Works! is still the right one. It has laugh-out-loud humor, great storytelling, and rock-solid instruction.


Roses Among Thorns

Simple Advice for Renewing Your Spiritual Journey

by St. Francis De SalesChristopher O. Blum

St. Francis de Sales, one of the greatest spiritual advisors in Church history, gives advice to those prepared to take the next step on their spiritual journey.


The Little Oratory

A Beginner's Guide to Praying in the Home

by Leila Marie Lawler

With simplicity and holy wisdom, authors David Clayton and Leila Marie Lawler show you how to bring peace, calm, and the true joy of Mother Church to your home.


Treasury of Catholic Meditations

by Fr. Romano GuardiniSt. John Henry NewmanBishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

This four-volume set of meditations have been carefully selected to lift your soul to God while affording you an admirable distillation of the doctrines and piety of our Holy Catholic Church.

Meditations for Lent

by Bishop Jacques-Benigne BossuetChristopher O. Blum

Bishop Bossuet's eloquence will have you not merely remember the events of Christ's Crucifixion; it will have you spiritually walk with Him on His journey.


Meditations Before Mass

by Fr. Romano Guardini

For the restless or distracted at Mass, here you’ll learn how to quiet your soul in order to grow more receptive to the graces Christ offers you in the Mass.


Little Catechism of the Act of Oblation of St. Therese of the Child Jesus

by St. Therese of Lisieux

This Act of Oblation by St. Thérèse of Lisieux was one of the key hallmarks of her attaining the heights of holiness in such a short time.


St. Augustine Answers 101 Questions On Prayer

on Prayer

by St. Augustine Of Hippo

Here are questions we all ask — answered by a Saint! Fr. Cliff Ermatinger has gathered Augustine’s teachings into a simple question-and-answer format.


How to Pray Well

by Fr. Raoul Plus

Fr. Plus is here able to make his spiritual advice on prayer both concrete and universal - suited to each of us as if we were speaking with him face-to-face.


Classic Catholic Meditations

To Enrich Your Faith and Help You Pray

by Fr. Bede Jarrett

These brief meditations will invigorate your desire to speak to God, not only during crises but also in the ordinary course of your day.


The Prayer of the Presence of God

by Dom Augustin Guillerand

Here is the Carthusian’s prayer of the presence of God, a habit of tranquil listening that allows God to enter our souls and establish His presence there.

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