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In Heaven and God’s World Set

by Archbishop Fulton J. SheenFrancois Rene Blot

Let the saints’ testimony in these beautiful pages assuage your grief and renew your hope! Let them increase your gratitude for the sacrifice of Christ whose death on the Cross opened heaven for us, and made these heavenly reunions possible!

The Better Part: Four Volume Set

A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

by Fr. John Bartunek

Open these pages to discover the methods of meditation that best suit you, develop your friendship with Christ, and experience the true Christian joy of a deep, fruitful life of prayer.


A Year with Fr. Rutler

4-Volume Set

by Fr. George William Rutler

This prized set features nearly four hundred of Fr. Rutler’s most brilliant and cherished homilies and other writings, carefully organized to follow the liturgical year of the Catholic Church.


Road to Spiritual Fitness Set of 40

by Danny Abramowicz

Here’s your chance to become spiritually fit through the power fo the Holy Spirit and enable yourself to overcome temptations and face the many other trials of this life.


Missionary of Wall Street Special

Evangelization 12 Pack

by Stephen Auth

"What am I, a chief investment officer of one of the country’s largest investment managers, doing hailing down strangers at night on the streets of New York City?"

Priestly Renewal Set book cover
$32.90 $24.99

Priestly Renewal Set

by Kathleen BeckmanKevin Wells

We hope and pray these two books will move souls to pray for a renewal of the priesthood.


Missionary of Wall Street set

by Brian EngellandStephen Auth

Enjoy inspriing stories and insights from two devout and successful Catholic businessmen with this exclusive sale priced set of books.

Day by Day with Saint Faustina Set

by Fr. Benedict RogacciSusan Tassone

Need a daily source of comfort & confidence?  

Mother Angelica Box Set book cover
$111.65 $89.95

Mother Angelica Box Set

by Mother Angelica


Handbook of Spiritual Perfection set

by Fr. Lawrence G. LovasikPhilip Dion

Fr. Philip Dion shows you how to pray more deeply, how to identify and root out your faults, how to make your confessions more fruitful, how to abandon yourself to God's will, and more.

Holy Water and the Sign of the Cross Set

by St. Francis De SalesRev. Henry Theiler

Get both books for ONLY $15.99!
Seven Deadly Sins Set book cover
$38.90 $24.99

Seven Deadly Sins Set

by Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

Follow the advice in The Seven Deadly Sins, and you’ll soon strike at the head of sin and walk more positively in the light and love of Christ. In The One-Minute Aquinas, veteran Catholic author Dr. Kevin Vost provides you with simple, readable explanations of St. Thomas's life-giving wisdom.


Beatitudes and Mercy Set

by Sophia Institute For Teachers

Every self-contained lesson in these guides is teacher-written, classroom-tested, and scholar-reviewed, and gives you everything you need to help guide your students understand the true meaning of Jesus’ most important teachings.


I Believe in Love with Study Guide Set

by Fr. Jean C. J. D'ElbeeRita Ford

This is one of the most spiritually enriching set of books you could ever own.


Overcoming Anger Set - Save 25%

by Fr. Lawrence G. LovasikFr. Thomas G. Morrow

Save 25% when you order the set of Overcoming Sinful Anger and The Hidden Power of Kindness.


Basics of Catholic Living

by St. Francis De SalesMarguerite DuportalFr. John A. KaneFr. Raoul PlusFr. Francis J. Remler

Written by some of the Church's greatest saints and theologians, these short, accessible books will help you deeply commit to Christ, engage in an active prayer life, and overcome common challenges and obstacles that confront you along the way to heaven.


St Francis de Sales Set - Save 30%

by St. Francis De Sales

The Sign of the Cross is an eloquent defense of the age-old Catholic practice of making the Sign of the Cross which 16th Century Calvinists denounced as popish and many scorn even today. Roses Among Thorns is a series of excerpts drawn from the personal letters of St. Francis de Sales — one of the greatest spiritual directors in the history of the Church.


Treasury of Catholic Meditations

by Fr. Romano GuardiniSt. John Henry NewmanBishop Jacques-Benigne Bossuet

This four-volume set of meditations have been carefully selected to lift your soul to God while affording you an admirable distillation of the doctrines and piety of our Holy Catholic Church.
Holy Spirit Set book cover
$38.90 $24.99

Holy Spirit Set

by Archbishop Luis M. MartinezKevin Vost, Psy. D.


Abandonment to God Set

by St. Francis De SalesFr. Joel Guibert

Renew and improve your spiritual life daily through these simple yet very fruitful methods.


Coloring Book of Saints Set

by Mary MacArthurAnna Maria Mendell

Color your way through the Liturgical year!


A Millennial in Paradise Set

by Hugh BlackWill Conquer

Blessed Are You Set book cover
$31.90 $19.99

Blessed Are You Set

by Fr. Kilian J. HealyMother Mary Francis, PCC

Here you'll find simple, practical ways to think of God continuously, to converse with Him intimately, and to please Him at all times. Best of all, Mother Mary Francis helps you analyze your own life in light of the Beatitudes. 


Diary of an American Exorcist Set

by Fr. Gabriele AmorthMsgr. Stephen Rossetti

In this eye-opening set the reader gets an unique glimpse into the world of angels and deamons, and the struggles of the possessed and those who minister to them. 


Deadly Indifference Set

by Rod BennettEric Sammons

To respond to the current crisis and reclaim the Catholic Church we much first understand how the Church lost her mission. 

Saint Pius V Set book cover
$43.90 $29.99

Saint Pius V Set

by Rod BennettProf. Roberto De Mattei

The life of every Christian is a battle, learn about St. Pius's luminous example of leadership in a time of trial and the scriptural roots of Catholic teachings.


The Catholic Guide to Miracles Set

by Fr. Paolo CarlinAdam Blai

Learn everything you need to know about authentic miracles and demonic possession with these two powerful books.

Contagious Faith Set book cover
$34.90 $24.99

Contagious Faith Set

by Christopher O. BlumJoshua P. HochschildPhilip Lawler

How do we understand and respond to the current crisis surrounding the Catholic Church and COVID-19?


Why All People Suffer Set

by Fr. John Portavella

Why does God all suffering? Why does God hide - day-in and day-out - from those of us who year to here His voice? Learn where to look to Find God and how to listen in times of suffering. 


All You Holy Women Set

by Geena HarringtonAngela Smyth

Introduce your little ones to the Catholic faith by learning about the holiest saints in the Church and acquianting them with items associated with the Holy Mass. 

Under Siege Set book cover
$39.90 $29.99

Under Siege Set

by Kevin WellsAustin Ruse

These two sobering books identify the problems facing our Church and our culture and offer solace and a battle plan for building up Christ's kingdom.
Liberty’s Lions Set book cover
$44.90 $26.99

Liberty’s Lions Set

by Timothy GordonDan LeRoy


Classic Bible Comics Set

by Sophia Institute PressJoan RiversPatrice Lappert

These two children's books will provide hours of entertainment and countless lessons from our beloved Catholic Faith.

Holy Water and Confession Set

by Fr. John A. KaneRev. Henry Theiler

Dive deep into redemptive prayer using these guides.


Devotional Journey Easter Set

by Fr. Romano GuardiniChristopher Carstens

Learn to pray with devotion using these meditations and prayerful guides.

The Lost Art of Sacrifice Set

by David ScottVicki Burbach

Learn how Mother Teresa used sacrifice and discover how to cultivate it in your own.

The Pain of Christ and the Sorrow of God Set

by A. G. SertillangesFr. Gerald Vann

Deepen your meditations on the life of Christ this Lent.

Our Lady’s Picture Book Set

by Anthony DeStefano

Introduce children to Mary with Anthony DeStefano's breathtaking children's books!
Behold This Heart Set book cover
$28.90 $24.99

Behold This Heart Set

by St. Francis De SalesFr. Thomas F. Dailey, O.S.F.S

Learn about how to live a more devout life and make progress in your spiritual journey.


Meditations After Holy Communion Set

by Fr. Kilian J. HealyFr. Edward Looney

Strengthen your relationship with God through prayer.


Aquinas on the Four Last Things Set

by Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

Discover what St. Thomas Aquinas teaches about the Four Last Things and more!


Overcoming Sinful Thoughts Set

by Bert GhezziFr. Thomas G. Morrow

Learn to overcome distractions and temptations through these thoughtful guides.

Praying with Jesus and Faustina During Lent Set

by Dom Hubert Van ZellerSusan Tassone

Learn to turn your sufferings into a path to salvation.

This Present Paradise Set

by Julie OnderkoClaire Dwyer

Read about different women who were warriors for Christ throughout the Church's history.

Holy Bread of Eternal Life Set

by Dan BurkePeter Kwasniewski

Learn more about the battles raging around you- some against the Eucharist and your own soul.
Listening for God Set book cover
$32.90 $24.99

Listening for God Set

by Teresa Tomeo

Learn from Teresa Tomeo how God's presence always surrounds us, even in the toughest times.
Imitation of Mary Set book cover
$32.90 $20.99

Imitation of Mary Set

by Fr. William UllathorneFr. Quan Tran

Learn about the different types of virtues and how to strengthen them in your own life.

Saints Chronicles 5 Set

by Sophia Institute PressTod SmithUlises Arreola PalmeraKevin WestMark McNabbTerry PallotGordon PurcellJason MilletDan DavisEdgar Salazar

Join in the exciting adventures of these saints!

The TimeOut Papers Set

by Fr. Leo PatalinghugSally E. Follett

Bring peace and joy back into your family!
Politics of Envy Set book cover
$38.90 $22.99

Politics of Envy Set

by Robert RoyalAnne Hendershott

Riots. Torn down statues. Cities burning. Explores the roots of our culture's toxic climate and why Western Civilization is worth defending.
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