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How Christianity Saved Civilization Set

by Diane Moczar, D. ArtsMike AquilinaJames Papandrea

Rooted in the depths of early civilization, Christianity has triumphed over the dark and hostile cultures of the world. How do we continue to hope and thrive during these harsh times?

Saints Chronicles Series Special

by Tod SmithUlises Arreola PalmeraKevin WestMark McNabbTerry PallotGordon PurcellJason MilletDan DavisEdgar Salazar

Join in the exciting adventures of these saints!

Lent Set book cover
$33.90 $24.99

Lent Set

by J. Charles WallFr. Ralph Gorman

Begin your Lent by reflecting on the permanent and scrificial love that was portrayed by Jesus's last hours during the Crucifixion.


Praying for Priests Set

by Christopher O. BlumKathleen Beckman

Aid in the priests fight against evil through the holy methods of St. Francis de Sales!


Manly Art of Raising a Daughter Set

by Fr. Maurice MeschlerAlan Migliorato

Just as Saint Joseph protected Mary, all fathers must lovingly foster the soul of their daughters.

Father Amorth Set book cover
$30.90 $24.99

Father Amorth Set

by Fr. Gabriele AmorthRev. P.J. Michel

How do we combat and defeat the recurrent temptations of Satan?

Bad Shepherds Set book cover
$27.90 $17.99

Bad Shepherds Set

by Marguerite DuportalRod Bennett

How do we understand and respond to the current crisis surrounding the Catholic Church?

Holy Veil Set book cover
$27.90 $15.99

Holy Veil Set

by Rev. James Spencer NorthcotePaul Badde

Join Paul and Rev. James as they unearth the history and artifacts of ancient Italy.

Saints Chronicles Set book cover
$29.90 $24.99

Saints Chronicles Set

by Tod SmithUlises Arreola PalmeraKevin WestMark McNabbTerry PallotGordon PurcellJason MilletDan DavisEdgar Salazar

Bring the Saints to life in a new way with this thrilling, action-packed series!

Vincent Set book cover
$33.90 $24.99

Vincent Set

by Frank Fraser

Experience some of the most beautifully illustrated children's photos in these books this Christmas Season!


Advent with Our Lady of Fatima Set

by Ann EngelhartDonna-Marie Cooper O'Boyle

Join Donna-Marie and Ann as they spiritually prepare themselves for Advent through the intercession of Mary.

Around the Year with the von Trapps Set

by David ClaytonLeila LawlerMaria Augusta von Trapp

Join Maria, David, and Leila as they share their most-loved traditions for making joyful, warm, and prayerful Catholic homes.
Temperaments set book cover
$36.90 $24.99

Temperaments set

by Art BennettLaraine Bennett

Unlock the secret of your personality and learn how to be a better spouse, parent, friend, and Christian.

Art of Spiritual Warfare set

by Rev. P.J. MichelVenatius Oforka

Venatius Oforka introduces us to the supernatural weapons of war and how we can shape the events that affect our earthly and eternal destiny.
Why God Hides set book cover
$35.90 $19.99

Why God Hides set

by Dom Hubert Van ZellerFr. John Portavella

Time and again in the events of salvation history and in the trials and joys of our daily lives, Fr. Portavella here unveils the Face of God and lets us hear His voice.

Art of Forming Young Disciples set

by Dom Jean-Baptiste ChautardEverett Fritz

If you’re troubled by the number of young people in your parish who leave the Faith year after year, then open these illuminating pages and learn the art of forming young disciples.

Total Consecration Set

by Fr. Romano GuardiniFr. Ed Broom, OMV

Fr. Ed Broom has developed this powerful do-it-yourself retreat that culminates in the total consecration to Jesus through Mary by focusing on the Mysteries of the Rosary and the Seven Sorrows of Mary – and all it takes is a few moments each day!


Book-of-the-Month Club

by Sophia Institute Press

Sophia's Book-of-the-Month Club is our way of sharing with you the fundamental elements of the Catholic Faith at the lowest possible price — $15 per month. Every month we will send you one of our new releases, and we will even cover the costs of shipping for US mailing addresses.


Day-by-Day Coloring Book Set

by Mary MacArthurJoan RiversPatrice LappertAnna Maria Mendell

Learn more about Saints who have lived before us and holy people who are alive during our lifetime!
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