Spiritual Direction Series

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Living the Mystery of Merciful Love

30 Days with Therese of Lisieux (Navigating the Interior Life)

by Anthony LillesDan Burke

In this presentation of intimate letters from St. Thérèse of Lisieux to her sisters and close friends, authors Anthony Lilles and Dan Burke lay out the Little Flower's program for complete self-offering to God through her Oblation to Merciful Love.


The Better Part: Four Volume Set

A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer

by Fr. John Bartunek

Open these pages to discover the methods of meditation that best suit you, develop your friendship with Christ, and experience the true Christian joy of a deep, fruitful life of prayer.


Spiritual Warfare and the Discernment of Spirits

by Dan Burke

Dan Burke presents the venerable, time-tested wisdom of Catholic mystics to help you understand the influence of the Enemy on your mind and heart, and the tactics you need to combat him.


Finding God Through Meditation

by Dan BurkeSt. Peter Of Alcantara


Navigating the Interior Life

Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God

by Dan Burke

Most of us have questions about spiritual direction. What is it? Is it for me? What if I can’t find a spiritual director? These questions and more are all well answered in Dan Burke’s book.


Union with God

According to St. John of the Cross

by Fr. Gabriel Of St. Mary Magdalen

Christian perfection consists in the twofold way of charity: service of neighbor and our direct quest for God’s love. Many of us discover ways to love our neighbor, but few achieve intimacy with God. Why? Because we don’t know how to prepare ourselves properly to reach this exalted goal.


Navigating the Interior Life Study Guide

by Dan Burke


Navigating the Interior Life (audio cd)

Spiritual Direction and the Journey to God

by Dan Burke


Navegando La Vida Interior

La Direccion Espiritual y el Camino a Dios (Spanish Edition)

by Dan Burke


The Catholic Guide to Mindfulness

by Susan Brinkmann

A Catholic Guide to Mindfulness offers a concise but compelling exploration of one of the most intriguing psycho-spiritual movements of our time.


A Devotional Journey into the Mass

How Mass Can Become a Time of Grace, Nourishment, and Devotion

by Christopher Carstens

These pages teach you eight simple ways to make your every Mass a joyful time of piety and intense devotion.


How to Read Your Way to Heaven

A Spiritual Reading Program for the Worst of Sinners, the Greatest of Saints, and Everyone in Between

by Vicki Burbach

This book provides guidance, and an organized plan, to those who seek a deeper relationship with Christ through the healthy habit of spiritual reading.

Elizabeth of the Trinity

A Life of Praise to God


This short book is a powerful introduction to the spiritual wisdom of one of the Church’s newest saints: Elizabeth of the Trinity.



Fire from Above

Christian Contemplation and Mystical Wisdom

by Anthony Lilles

With the wisdom of saints and mystics, Dr. Lilles shows you how to put your whole life in conversation with the Risen Lord.

The Seven Deadly Sins

A Thomistic Guide to Vanquishing Vice and Sin

by Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

Read this book, and you’ll walk away armed with an arsenal of practical weapons to combat these sins and to clear the path for a more profound union with God.


Spiritual Combat

How to Win Your Spiritual Battles and Attain Inner Peace

by Lorenzo Scupoli

St. Francis de Sales carried a copy of this book in his pocket for 18 years. It doesn’t just describe the Christian life — it also shows you how to live it.

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