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Getting Free

How to Overcome Persistent Personal Problems

by Bert Ghezzi

Here’s help for those who struggle against anger, anxiety, addictions, sexual temptations, and more. Bert Ghezzi shows how to overcome these difficulties.


Art of Spiritual Warfare set

by Rev. P.J. MichelVenatius Oforka

Venatius Oforka introduces us to the supernatural weapons of war and how we can shape the events that affect our earthly and eternal destiny.

The Aquinas Prayer Book

The Prayers and Hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas

by St. Thomas AquinasDuncan Anderson

This volume brings you all of St. Thomas’s known prayers and hymns in their Latin originals, along with new English translations. 


How to Get More out of Holy Communion

by St. Peter Julian Eymard

Discover more joy and grace in Holy Communion: You'll learn how to approach Communion not as a duty, but as a preparation for heaven.


True Devotion to the Holy Spirit

by Archbishop Luis M. Martinez

Huge in scope, yet simple and readable, this book covers virtually everything there is to know about the Spirit’s role in our salvation.


The Basic Book of Catholic Prayer

How to Pray and Why

by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

The wisdom of this book will rescue your prayers from distraction and superficiality and transform them into real occasions for communion with God.


The Hidden Power of Kindness

A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World One Deed at a Time

by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

Fr. Lovasik brings you a wealth of simple directions for overcoming unkind habits that can creep into your thoughts and behavior.


The Art of Being a Good Friend

How to Bring out the Best in your Friends and in Yourself

by Hugh Black

This book shows you how to transform superficial friendships into soul-nourishing relationships that become the true means of spiritual growth.


Awakening Your Soul to Presence of God

by Fr. Kilian J. Healy

Clearly and warmly, Fr. Healy explains how God is constantly calling us to intimate friendship with Himself, even amid the cares and distractions of daily life.


Comfort for the Sick and Dying

by David L. Greenstock

Here is a goldmine for Christian caregivers and essential reading for those who wisely want to be ready for serious illness and death.


How to Find God

...And Discover Your True Self in the Process

by Dom Hubert Van Zeller

This book helps you to look honestly at yourself — and by doing so, to attain the deepest desire of every sincere Christian: union with God Himself.


Finding God’s Will for You

by St. Francis De Sales

Learn what God’s will is and how He reveals it — in even the seemingly random events of your life.


The Rosary of Our Lady

by Fr. Romano Guardini

Msgr. Romano Guardini offers clear explanations of the Rosary and fresh insights into the Mysteries found within it.


Patience and Humility

A Handbook for Christians

by Fr. William Ullathorne

Learn how to develop these virtues — without which heroism, self-denial, and martyrdom are worthless.


Learning the Virtues

That Lead You to God

by Fr. Romano Guardini

Learn how to cultivate virtue so that you’ll please God in what you do— not just in what you don’t do. Here are ways to make the key virtues that lead you to God a permanent part of your character.


Humility: Wellspring of Virtue

by Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand

Discover the incredible strength of humility, the only virtue that has the power to drive pride — the most dangerous sin of all — from your soul.


Fire of Love

Understanding Purgatory

by St. Catherine Of Genoa

St. Catherine of Genoa’s sensible view of Purgatory, tainted neither by superstition nor by skepticism, reveals the glow of God’s love in those purifying fires.


Thy Will Be Done!

Letters of St. Francis de Sales

by St. Francis De Sales

This work offers to teach you how to do God’s will joyfully, regardless of your circumstances, through St. Francis’s practical, sensitive guidance.


The Art of Praying

The Principles and Methods of Christian Prayer

by Fr. Romano Guardini

Perfect as an introduction to prayer — or as a guidebook for those who already pray — this book offers down-to-earth guidance on every aspect of prayer life.


Raising Chaste Catholic Men

Practical Advice, Mom to Mom (2nd edition)

by Holy Heroes

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