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Meditations for Lent

by Bishop Jacques-Benigne BossuetChristopher O. Blum

Bishop Bossuet's eloquence will have you not merely remember the events of Christ's Crucifixion; it will have you spiritually walk with Him on His journey.


Meditations Before Mass

by Fr. Romano Guardini

For the restless or distracted at Mass, here you’ll learn how to quiet your soul in order to grow more receptive to the graces Christ offers you in the Mass.


Nothing Short of a Miracle

God's Healing Power in Modern Saints

by Patricia Treece

America’s most experienced saint-watcher, Patricia Treece, has gathered numerous fascinating reports of miraculous healings brought about in our lifetime.

The Sign of the Cross

The Fifteen Most Powerful Words in the English Language

by St. Francis De SalesChristopher O. Blum

From young St. Francis de Sales comes this defense of the Catholic practice of making the Sign of the Cross, which Calvinists denounced as a Popish invention.


Philosophical Virtues and Psychological Strengths

by Fr. Romanus Cessario, O.P.Craig Steven TitusPaul C. Vitz

Philosophical Virtues and Psychological Strengths aims to establish the basis for developing a common framework for understanding morality and psychology.


Reflections on the Christian Life

How Our Story Is God's Story

by Anthony Esolen

This brilliant reflection shows how we can take events in the life of Christ as the touchstone for all that happens to us on our journey from time to eternity.


Why Be Catholic?

by Tim Staples

Don't you wish everyone you knew was Catholic? In his groundbreaking DVD, Why Be Catholic?, apologist Tim Staples offers an engaging and simple solution: "Catholicism has the cure for what ails each of us." Using an entertaining speaking style, backed up by logic and science, Tim leaves his audience with answers to our most fundamental questions.


The DVD is currently on backorder.

Louder than Words

The Art of Living as a Catholic

by Matthew Leonard


Little Catechism of the Act of Oblation of St. Therese of the Child Jesus

by St. Therese of Lisieux

This Act of Oblation by St. Thérèse of Lisieux was one of the key hallmarks of her attaining the heights of holiness in such a short time.


The Catholic Guide to Depression

How the Saints, the Sacraments, and Psychiatry Can Help You Break Its Grip and Find Happiness Again

by Dr. Aaron Kheriaty

This book helps you to distinguish depression from similar looking, but fundamentally different, mental states such as guilt, sloth, and the darkness of sin.


Understanding Miracles

How to Know if They Are from God, the Devil, or the Imagination

by Zsolt Aradi

There are more false claims about miracles than nearly anything else — by skeptics and believers alike, few of whom know what the Church says about miracles.


Finding Confidence in Times of Trial

Letters of St John of Avila

by St. John Of Avila

In these pages St. John of Avila, doctor of the Church, explains how suffering is frequently the means by which God reveals His mercy and design for our lives.


Unearthing Your Ten Talents

A Thomistic Guide to Spiritual Growth through the Virtues and the Gifts

by Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

Kevin Vost shows you how to discover each of your ten talents, and then how to understand and perfect them.


How to Pray Well

by Fr. Raoul Plus

Fr. Plus is here able to make his spiritual advice on prayer both concrete and universal - suited to each of us as if we were speaking with him face-to-face.


Classic Catholic Meditations

To Enrich Your Faith and Help You Pray

by Fr. Bede Jarrett

These brief meditations will invigorate your desire to speak to God, not only during crises but also in the ordinary course of your day.


Holy Simplicity

by Fr. Raoul Plus

Relying on the words of Jesus and the lives of the saints, Fr. Plus maps out a sure path to the simplicity that bestows happiness, courage, and inner peace.


The End of the Present World

And the Mysteries of the Future Life

by Fr. Charles Arminjon

This marvelous book will show you how to read the signs of the times and prepare you to bear yourself as a Christian no matter what the future holds.


The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse

Improve your marriage by understanding your spouse!

by Art BennettLaraine Bennett

In no other kind of human relationship is knowledge of the temperaments so critical and so fruitful as in a Christian marriage.


Saints for Sinners

Nine Desolate Souls Made Strong by God

by Archbishop Alban Goodier

God's grace can conquer every human flaw . . . Christ came not to call saints but to make them — often out of weak, stupid, and sinful men.


Memorize the Faith!

(And Almost Anything Else) Using Methods Taught by the Great Catholic Medieval Memory Masters

by Kevin Vost, Psy. D.

St. Thomas Aquinas perfected an easy method for his students to memorize most any information, but especially the truths taught by Christ and His Church.


The Temperament God Gave You

The Classic Key to Knowing Yourself, Getting Along with Others, and Growing Closer to the Lord

by Art BennettLaraine Bennett

Unlock the secret of your personality and learn how to be a better spouse, parent, friend, and Christian.


How to Make Sense of Suffering

by Marguerite Duportal

Learn to bear your troubles well, and how to avoid the mistakes that make your spiritual burdens heavier.


The Little Book of the Holy Spirit

by Fr. Bede Jarrett

Learn how to listen for the soft voice of the Spirit calling from within, inviting you to know, love, and cooperate with Him in all things great and small.


The Art of Loving God

by St. Francis De Sales

Discover a way of growing holier through the simple things in life — work, play, and rest. Learn to avoid distractions and focus your energy on loving God!


How to Pray Always

by Fr. Raoul Plus

Fr. Raoul Plus’s no-nonsense prayer manual shows how we can pray without ceasing — even at times when exhaustion is crippling and cares begin to sweep us away.


Victory Over Vice

by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Archbishop Fulton Sheen shows you how to win a lasting victory over vice.


God’s World and Our Place in It

by Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen

Bishop Sheen shows that Christianity makes good sense — even to nonbelievers. Christianity alone can explain the presence of goodness and evil in the world.


The Catholic Book of Character and Success

For Young Persons Seeking Lasting Happiness and Spiritual Wealth

by Fr. Edward F. Garesche

Written in the 1930s by a wise Jesuit priest, these pages teach young people the timeless principles that lead to true success and lasting happiness.


The Secret Diary of Elisabeth Leseur

The Woman Whose Goodness Changed Her Husband From Atheist to Priest

by Elisabeth Leseur

When Elizabeth Leseur's husband, Felix — an avowed atheist — discovered this diary, he converted and later answered God's call to become a priest.


The Spiritual Life

A Comprehensive Manual for Catholics Seeking Salvation

by Fr. Jean Nicholas Grou

This book is a tough, uncompromising handbook to help you deal with all the obligations and problems of the spiritual life.


Why Bad Things Happen to Good Catholics

And Other Mysteries of God's Love and Providence- Explained!

by Father Henri Morice

This book will banish from your mind the temptation to think that events unfold according to blind chance, or that evil ultimately triumphs in this world.


Saintly Solutions

to Life's Common Problems

by Fr. Joseph M. Esper

Benefit from the thought-provoking holy wisdom of more than 350 saints, and come away equipped with truly saintly solutions.


How to Resist Temptation

by Fr. Francis J. Remler

Here an experienced priest shows you how to direct your heart away from temptations and toward God, and how to overcome the world in Christ.


I Believe in Love

A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux

by Fr. Jean C. J. D'Elbee

A wondrous distillation of the teachings of St. Thérèse of Lisieux on God’s love and on confidence in Him. Learn to rest in God amid the troubles of life.


Seventeen Steps to Heaven

A Catholic Guide to Salvation

by Leo J. Trese

No matter how dedicated to Christ you are, familiarity can blunt your fervor and even make you less vigilant against sin. That’s why you need this warm guide!


How to Make a Good Confession

A Pocket Guide to Reconciliation With God

by Fr. John A. Kane

Here you’ll get solid guidelines to help you make the most of this sacrament and carry its grace into your daily life. Try it!


Christian Self-Mastery

How to Govern Your Thoughts, Discipline Your Will, and Achieve Balance in Your Spiritual Life

by Fr. Basil W. Maturin

Christian Self-Mastery explains why following Christ can be so difficult — and how you can start to make progress even in the most vexing areas of your life.


The Basic Book of the Eucharist

by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

Based firmly on Scripture and Church teachings, The Basic Book of the Eucharist will help you understand what means to receive Communion worthily.

Blessed Are You Set book cover
$31.90 $19.99

Blessed Are You Set

by Fr. Kilian J. HealyMother Mary Francis, PCC

Here you'll find simple, practical ways to think of God continuously, to converse with Him intimately, and to please Him at all times. Best of all, Mother Mary Francis helps you analyze your own life in light of the Beatitudes. 


Art of Spiritual Warfare set

by Rev. P.J. MichelVenatius Oforka

Venatius Oforka introduces us to the supernatural weapons of war and how we can shape the events that affect our earthly and eternal destiny.

The Aquinas Prayer Book

The Prayers and Hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas

by St. Thomas Aquinas

This volume brings you all of St. Thomas’s known prayers and hymns in their Latin originals, along with new English translations. 


How to Get More out of Holy Communion

by St. Peter Julian Eymard

Discover more joy and grace in Holy Communion: You'll learn how to approach Communion not as a duty, but as a preparation for heaven.


True Devotion to the Holy Spirit

by Archbishop Luis M. Martinez

Huge in scope, yet simple and readable, this book covers virtually everything there is to know about the Spirit’s role in our salvation.


The Basic Book of Catholic Prayer

How to Pray and Why

by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

The wisdom of this book will rescue your prayers from distraction and superficiality and transform them into real occasions for communion with God.


The Hidden Power of Kindness

A Practical Handbook for Souls Who Dare to Transform the World One Deed at a Time

by Fr. Lawrence G. Lovasik

Fr. Lovasik brings you a wealth of simple directions for overcoming unkind habits that can creep into your thoughts and behavior.


Comfort for the Sick and Dying

by David L. Greenstock

Here is a goldmine for Christian caregivers and essential reading for those who wisely want to be ready for serious illness and death.


Finding God’s Will for You

by St. Francis De Sales

Learn what God’s will is and how He reveals it — in even the seemingly random events of your life.


The Rosary of Our Lady

by Fr. Romano Guardini

Msgr. Romano Guardini offers clear explanations of the Rosary and fresh insights into the Mysteries found within it.


Learning the Virtues

That Lead You to God

by Fr. Romano Guardini

Learn how to cultivate virtue so that you’ll please God in what you do— not just in what you don’t do. Here are ways to make the key virtues that lead you to God a permanent part of your character.


Humility: Wellspring of Virtue

by Dietrich Von Hildebrand

Discover the incredible strength of humility, the only virtue that has the power to drive pride — the most dangerous sin of all — from your soul.

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