33 Years in the Holy Land

What Jesus Saw from Bethlehem to Golgotha


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With this penetrating prequel to Fr. Sertillanges’s bestselling book, What Jesus Saw from the Cross, you’ll go behind the Gospels to experience a richly textured, moment-by-moment account of the incredible events of Christ’s life, from the Nativity to Golgotha.

In a style that has won praise and admiration from Catholics for nearly a century, Fr. Sertillanges masterfully unites the familiar stories of the Gospels to the peculiar circumstances and geographical surroundings of Christ’s life. These stories, combined with his lyrical descriptions of the Holy Land, bring vividly to life those secret and holy places sanctified by our Lord, and will deepen your prayerful meditations and enrich your spiritual reading.

Happy are those who have stood in the cave in Bethlehem, walked in prayer the roads that Jesus walked, and knelt at the tomb of our Redeemer. Now the rest of us who have never visited Israel can open the rich pages of 33 Years in the Holy Land and gaze in silence at the crib in Bethlehem, hear Jesus say to the dismayed fishermen, “Follow me!,” and feel the chill of Golgotha as it looms ever larger in His mind.

Take up these pages. Let these reflections deepen your meditations on the life of Christ and fill you with gratitude for His tremendous love for you. Your faith will grow stronger, your meditations richer, and your prayers more fervent and more frequent.


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  • Pages: 144
  • Format(s): Sale-priced ppbk, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-622826-605
  • Product Code: 6605
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33 Years in the Holy Land Set bundle

33 Years in the Holy Land Set

Moment-by-moment accounts of the church's holiest figures - Mary and her Divne Son, Jesus.


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