Discovering God Together

The Catholic Guide to Raising Faithful Kids


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Research shows again and again that when families openly live and share their faith together, their marriages are stronger, children and parents get along better, and children are less likely to succumb to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, or negative peer pressure.

In this book, experienced psychotherapists Greg and Lisa Popcak show how you can transform your family into a joyful place where each member experiences life as a gift from God.

From tapping into the rich beauty of Catholic traditions to mustering the motivation needed to deepen your spiritual life, you discover the practical, positive, and tangible difference our faith can make in your family life.

You'll also learn . . .

  • The five marks of a Catholic family. Are you missing the most important?
  • How to keep rituals fresh and alive rather than boring and routine.
  • The four characteristics of teaching your children to have the heart of a disciple.
  • The one thing children need to catch their faith on fire.
  • How to shepherd your kids through the seven stages of faith.
  • Six steps to helping kids develop individual prayer time
  • How to discern your family's charism – and what to do with it.
  • How to foster your children's sense of mission.
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"Dr. Greg and Lisa Popcak will not only convince you that raising faithfully Catholic kids is within your grasp, they show you how to do it. Discovering God Together is an indispensable tool for parents who are ready to cultivate holiness in the home."

Fr. Rocky Hoffman
President, Relevant Radio
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"In Discovering God Together the Popcaks offer the inspiring framework and practical suggestions we all need to nurture our families into schools of love that point our children to Christ."

Haley Stewart
Carrots for Michaelmas
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"Whether you're pregnant with your first or mentoring your grandchildren, this book will be a companion for you in your own spiritual journey and the all-important duty of passing the faith on to those you love."

Lisa Hendey
Founder of

"Who would not want to have arguably the greatest theologian and convert maker of the last two centuries at his side as he enters into conversation with the Lord on a daily basis? This book will help you immensely in your struggle for holiness and winning the world for Christ and His Church."

Fr. C. John McCloskey
Research Fellow at the Faith & Reason Institute
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  • Publication Date: August 15, 2015
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In addition to providing faithful and practical methods to build strong family bonds, this book concisely highlights the heartfelt spiritual needs of children, at every stage of their development. Parents would do well to slow down their busy lives for a moment, invest more time in their kids, especially by applying this practical wisdom found in this book
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Practical guide for raising Catholic children
The book is an easy and practical read by respected Catholic authors who know a thing or two about parenting. What I like best about this book is it is like there is a workbook built into it. There are reflection questions, a test to take, and some lines to fill out for brainstorming ideas. This is a valuable read for parents at any stage of the journey, but I would definitely recommend it most of all for new parents, because it is never too early to instill a love of God and the Church in your children.
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