Love, Marriage & the Catholic Conscience

Understanding the Church's Teaching on Birth Control

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What every Christian needs to know . . . about love, marriage, and contraception - eye-opening reasons for you to give
these Church teachings a closer look

Finally, you can learn the full truth about how
contraception relates to love and marriage, including:

  • What the Church really teaches about contraception;

  • Why these teachings matter so much; and

  • How they fit into the larger picture of Christian love and marriage.

  • Once you master the well-crafted explanations in these pages, you'll put to rest any lingering doubts or difficulties you, your family, or your friends may have about the Church's stance on contraception. You'll come to see God's hand at work in this hotly debated area of Church teaching.

    Best of all, as you make these truths your own, your marriage and family life will shine forth anew with the splendor of the Divine Presence.

    This brief but powerful book will teach you - about contraception:

  • Why a truly loving marriage must be open to the procreation of children

  • The times when avoiding conception isn't sinful at all

  • Two clear reasons why contraception is sinful

  • Why some advances in medical know-how must be rejected on moral grounds

  • Why man's God-given power over nature doesn't justify the use of contraception

  • Where the Church gets the authority to teach about contraception

  • Why Church teachings on contraception can never change

  • How the use of contraception requires self-deception

  • How periodic abstinence can actually strengthen a weak and faltering marriage

  • Why Catholics should actually thank God for the Church's opposition to contraception

  • - about marriage:

  • How to move your marriage beyond the daily grind to unexpected grandeur and awesome spiritual beauty

  • Why, for your spiritual and emotional health, you must not separate sex from love and marriage

  • "Being in love": why it is so important for you to grasp what this means - and put it into practice in your marriage

  • Why conscience is not a reliable guide for you about contraception

  • Marriage: why it isn't merely for having children - yet contraception is still sinful

  • Why you must never choose sin, even if obedience to God seems to bring trouble into your life

  • Plus, much more to help you understand - and appreciate - the goodness of the Church's teachings on love and marriage!
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    Editorial Reviews

    Judie Brown photo

    "A must-read for every pro-life American serious about serving God in our daily struggle."

    Judie Brown
    American Life League
    John Kippley photo

    "Every married couple can benefit from Dietrich von Hildebrand's valuable insights, which clarify and affirm the experience of married love."

    John Kippley
    Couple to Couple League

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    The Hildebrand Family Intellect
    Love, Marriage, and the Catholic Conscience clearly and exquisitely outlines the main arguments of the Church's modern and sophisticated teachings on the use of birth control. Hildebrand clearly understands the sanctity of love and marriage as reflections of His love on Earth. Thus, the use of birth control is logically and firmly condemned, and the reader cannot help but be drawn into Hildebrand's flawless arguments. I would recommend Love, Marriage, and the Catholic Conscience based on the utmost respect I associate with the Hildebrand name alone, but furthermore, Hildebrand's skillful prose, command of the English language, and mastery of complex and sophisticated material regarding the use of birth control make this book a one-of-a-kind treasure that everyone, in good Catholic Conscience, must read.
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