One-Minute Philosopher, The

Quick Answers to Help You Banish Confusion, Resolve Controversiesand Explain Yourself Better to Others

One-Minute Philosopher, The

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Clear thinking and solid values -- in terms everyone can understand!

To get a hearing for Catholic truth and values today, we have to speak in sound bites: simply, clearly, and quickly . . . or people just walk away. The One-Minute Philosopher solves that problem. With plain-spoken wisdom, it explains over 175 fundamental concepts that form the basis of any decent human life.

Plus, since The One-Minute Philosopher is a basic primer that relies on common sense rather than on theology, its quick arguments are accessible to all thinking persons: you don’t have to be Catholic in order to understand the explanations in this book. That makes it a terrific tool for helping people make the distinctions that will ultimately lead them to God’s truth.

The One-Minute Philosopher is perfect for parents, teachers, and everyone who wants to restore sanity and clear thinking to our fractious society!

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Editorial Reviews


"In a culture and an era when people tend to equate feelings with thought, The One-Minute Philosopher comes as a welcome offering. This handy volume, which is cleverly done, can be a very useful tool to those who wish to improve their thinking and communication skills."

Most Rev. John Myers

"Deep wisdom is not usually short, clear, and sprightly; and short, clear, sprightly books are not usually very deep or wise; but Dr. Montague Brown has written a very unusual book that is both. It puts profound, practical, universally human wisdom into a format that even a scatterbrained MTV addict can understand and profit from. It is a book that can permanently change young lives."

Peter Kreeft

"Our mass-media culture leaves people confused about virtually everything that matters most. Anyone who realizes that will find Brown's One-Minute Philosopher a useful tool for clearing things up and sorting them out."

Germain Grisez
Author, Difficult Moral Questions

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