Scriptural Roots of Catholic Teaching

How the Bible Proves the Truth of the Catholic Faith

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Straight from Scripture: Solid proofs of Catholic teaching that non-Catholics dare not ignore!

You don't have to remain silent anymore when Protestants and other non-Catholics tell you (or your kids) that Catholic teachings go against the Bible! When your Evangelical Protestant brother-in-law Larry visits, or Scripture-quoting Fundamentalists knock on your door, reach for Chantal Epie's The Scriptural Roots of Catholic Teaching, the comprehensive and user-friendly guide that shows you where to find all the Church's major teachings in Scripture - especially the ones that non-Catholics most often contradict.

Epie reveals the Scriptural foundations of all the most important and most often controverted teachings of the Church: the source of Divine Revelation, the founding of the Church by Christ Himself, His establishment of the Sacraments as means of grace, and the importance of devotion to Mary and the saints.

Much more than just a list

The Scriptural Roots of Catholic Teaching goes far beyond most Scripture guides and apologetics books for Catholics. Instead of simply listing the pertinent Scriptures for each doctrine, Epie shows you how to use them! She illuminates each doctrine with a clear, easy-to-follow narrative that shows how the Scriptures support and form the foundation for the Church's teachings. In doing so, she skillfully weaves together passages from the Gospels, the Epistles of St. Paul, and the Old Testament - illustrating the wonderful unity of Scripture, as well as God's loving Providence in planning from the beginning of time for the Church's flowering.

That makes this book not only a valuable apologetics tool for your conversations with non-Catholics - it's also an enlightening refresher course in Scripture and the teachings of the Church. Use it with your kids to show them that their Catholic Faith is on firm Scriptural ground, or just read it yourself to renew your gratitude for the unity and splendor of Divine Revelation!

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Editorial Reviews

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"A magnificently comprehensive guide to the book that the Catholic Church collected, protected, and interpreted throughout the centuries: the Bible."

Patrick Madrid
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"Shows clearly how the Scripture confirms and defends all those Catholic teachings that ‘Bible only’ Christians misunderstand."

Paul Thigpen
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"Shows that the Bible clearly and convincingly teaches Catholic doctrines — which makes sense, since Christ established the Catholic Church."

Karl Keating

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A marvelous source for proofs of Catholic teaching
pture showing clearly that the Bible ( along with Sacred Tradition ) is a revered foundation for the truths held by Holy Mother Church. The book is written in cogent, accessible style that makes it ideal for catechetical situations of all kinds, such as high school & college religion courses, CCD classes, RCIA formation programs and parish study groups. Importantly, this volume has received the Nihil Obstat & the Imprimatur, which authorizes it to be used in such situations. I am constantly amazed at how many programs use books that do not carry these designations, the first of which guarntees that a book is free from doctrinal & moral error and the second of which carries the local bishop's permission to publish, particularly for use as a catechetical text. As well, this book is perfect for private study & faith enrichment as well. Scriptural Roots of Catholic Teaching: How the Bible Proves the Truth of the Catholic Faith would be a immensely useful addition to any apologetics library
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One of the Best out there
A beautifully written, detailed exploration of all major Catholic doctrines, intertwined throughout with scriptural text. Although Catholics base their faith on both Scripture and Oral Tradition - and are often knocked by non-Catholics for the latter - author Chantal Epie proves how all Catholic doctrine can be traced to Scripture. Far from being dry and tedious, the text is immensely readable; I had a hard time putting this book down. A must read for any Catholic seeking biblical proof of his or her faith. I would also heartily recommend this book to non-Catholics who are curious about Catholic doctrine.
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