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A Saint in the Slave Trade

In A Saint in the Slave TradeLunn reveals how, from the early days of Christianity, the Church has worked to uphold the dignity, rights, and freedom of slaves and that many of the same struggles to overcome injustice and affirm the value of human life are apparent today. 

Reflecting on humanistic outrages from Roman times to recent years, A Saint in the Slave Trade offers philosophical and spiritual insights on how the power of Christian charity revolutionizes and liberates souls in the direst situations.

God's Healing Mercy

Here retreat master, Ignatian trained spiritual director and author Kathleen Beckman offers a guide for a personal or group healing retreat based on Divine Mercy in Scripture and in the lives of the Saints. Beckman skillfully helps us to see how the “rays of divine mercy” heal families, marriages, the sick, poor, suffering, friends, enemies, laity, clergy, our vocations, doubters, believers, those with diabolical suffering, sinners, saints, the unborn, the elderly, children, the Church and the whole world.


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