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The Prayers and Hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas

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Rich with doctrinal exactitude and a moving beauty of expression, the prayers and hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas have long been considered to be among the Church's greatest treasures.

Now you can bring these treasures into your own prayer life with The Aquinas Prayer Book — the first complete English language collection of these stirring prayers.

This handy and beautiful leatherette volume brings you all of St. Thomas's known prayers and hymns in their Latin originals, along with new English translations. These translations render the originals with superb precision and a soul-fortifying eloquence that rivals St. Thomas's own masterly use of Latin.

A number of these prayers have never before been translated into English. Prayer and praise . . . for all times and occasions. These works are not meant just to be read, but to be prayed. After all, these are the prayers that St. Thomas himself used to bring radiant order to his own spiritual life — upon rising, before setting to work, during periods of meditation, before Confession and Holy Communion, and even as he received the Last Rites. Their subjects are as varied as your own daily spiritual needs. Each one will deepen your faith, enlighten your understanding, and lift your heart to God.

Two respected Catholic men of letters collaborated to make this unique collection possible: Robert Anderson, an Aquinas expert and professor of philosophy, and Catholic poet Johann Moser, whose own poems have been acclaimed by Russell Kirk, Thomas Howard, Fr. George Rutler, and others.

Together, these men have produced a work remarkable for its accuracy, its beauty, and, above all, for its profound spirituality. Now you, too, can pray those prayers that helped make St. Thomas Aquinas one of the Church's most renowned and revered saints.

Among the prayers:

  • Before Study
  • Adoro Te Devote, Latens Deitas
  • To Acquire the Virtues
  • For Ordering a Life Wisely
  • For the Attainment of Heaven
  • Before and After Communion
  • To the Most Holy Sacrament
  • For the Forgiveness of Sins
  • Lauda, Sion, Salvatorem
  • Pange, Lingua, Gloriosi
  • At the Elevation of the Body of Christ
  • At the Time of Death
  • To the Most Blessed Virgin Mary
  • For God's Blessing
  • And others, each a glorious taste of Heaven!



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Editorial Reviews

Ralph McInerny photo

"A reminder that Aquinas is a saint as well as the most formidable teacher of Catholic truth. This magnificent publication enables us to pray along with him."

Ralph McInerny
The Very Rev. Peter Stravinskas photo

"Aquinas the theologian is well known; Aquinas the Christian and priest is revealed in these prayers and hymns."

The Very Rev. Peter Stravinskas
Priestly Society of Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman
Peter Kreeft photo

"Brevity, balance, grace, gratitude — these are the marks of Aquinas’s prayers. A perfect book for giving."

Peter Kreeft
Patrick Madrid photo

"These magnificent prayers and hymns are wings for the soul that wants to soar to God. Pray them, as St. Thomas did, and you’ll quickly begin your ascent."

Patrick Madrid
Author of Search and Rescue and Surprised by Truth

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A great prayer book to carry around to say prayers. I love this book helps me get closer to God. Highly Recommended.
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An outstanding little devotional. . .
Format: Paperback. . .containing many of the beloved prayers and Eucharistic hymns of St. Thomas Aquinas. The volume is arranged with a section of prayers for various occasions, followed by a section of prayers relating to the Eucharist, followed by a section of Thomas's Corpus Christi hymns, followed by a prayer at time of death. All selections are given with the Latin text on the left and the English text on the right. For the record, the English-language texts represent a different translation than the ones familiar to Anglo-Catholics as represented in, say, the 1940 hymnal. Altogether, a very nice and accessible devotional.
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