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The short, direct way to true intimacy with God — to kindle the flame of your spirit

Most committed Christians don’t like to admit it, but all too many of us serve God solely out of a sense of duty, without ever approaching the burning love and intimacy that the saints have with Him. Indeed, many believers don’t even think it’s possible to attain to the heights of holy love that built the great cathedrals and fired the martyrs to give their lives for their Lord. But in Awakening Your Soul to the Presence of God, Fr. Kilian Healy says that you can indeed — and should — develop this kind of love for God.

Clearly and warmly, Fr. Healy (who was once the superior general of the Carmelite order worldwide) explains that God is constantly calling you to intimate friendship with Himself. In this beautiful book — brief enough to be read in one sitting yet with enough spiritual depth to last a lifetime — he details how you can develop your friendship with God even amid the cares and distractions of your daily life.

Here you’ll find simple, practical ways to think of God continuously, to converse with Him intimately, and to please Him at all times. You’ll learn to see God in creation and to hear Him when He speaks to you (as He’s doing right now, even as you read this line). Finally, you’ll discover how to offer each day to God in concrete and fruitful ways, and to seek Him always. With Fr. Healy’s help, you’ll master these and other secrets of the holy ones — secrets that will raise your heart exultantly to God and will help you to welcome Him more fully into your soul.

Your soul will awaken to the presence of God in myriad ways as you learn:

  • How you can live with God at every moment by making use of the visible and commonplace things around you
  • Three ways you can offer God everything in your life — and begin to experience the marvelous effects of doing so
  • The one thing you must do, or you will never develop genuine intimacy with God
  • Falling in love with God: why such love between God and man is not just wishful thinking, but is part of every Christian’s call
  • The secret way of love for God that leads quickly and directly to divine intimacy — even if you’ve prayed fruitlessly for years
  • How you can become more aware of God’s dwelling within you — and see the events of your life the way He sees them
  • Three ways God is present to you right now: how to become fully aware of each
  • And much more that will help you walk continuously and joyfully in the presence of our loving God!

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Editorial Reviews

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"A perfect book for a serious young person earnestly seeking to grow in the spiritual life. It s also good for more experienced travelers on the journey."

Fr. Benedict Groeschel

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Great book for any one serious about their spiritual journey
This book gives great and practical insight into what it means to follow the Lord wholeheartedly. Easy read...I recommend it to anyone who wants to grow closer to God.
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What a beautiful book!
Since Brother Lawrence is my all-time favorite spiritual author, I could not wait to read this book. It is not so simple as Brother Lawrence, but it abounds with suggestions for walking with God (the original title of the book). Fr. Healy reminds us that God never asks more of us than we can give, and that love, not obligation and never fear, is the motor of the Christian life. Walk with God and live!
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