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In this profoundly insightful and highly readable book, Thomas Nash brilliantly refutes the common charge that the Mass is “unbiblical.” As you’ll discover, the story of the Mass goes deeper than the Last Supper and Christ’s Passion and Death. Indeed, it’s part of an unbroken story that begins in the Garden of Eden and continues today in your local parish.

Working systematically through Scripture, Nash offers an authoritative explanation of salvation history, showing how the Old Testament prefigures — and the New Testament wondrously records — Jesus’ one self-sacrifice of Calvary which is mysteriously made present at each and every Mass. Nash’s meticulous, Scripture-packed analysis relies on hundreds of Bible passages to show that the story of the Mass is inextricably linked with the story of the Bible.

The Biblical Roots of the Mass challenges Protestants to see the Bible as a truly Catholic story while leading Catholics to understand the Mass as indispensable to achieving the Church’s divinely ordained mandate.

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Editorial Reviews

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"Our Lord wants us to experience the reality of the Mass in all its fullness, and that's what Tom Nash wants you to know."

Scott Hahn
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"Nash has done us all a great service by pulling back the curtain and blowing away the mist, giving us a glimpse back in time and forward through eternity."

Steve Ray

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Study of this book has become one of the pillars of our Catholic adult faith formation groups in Central Arkansas. It is well-researched, well-written, and has proven invaluable in our renewed understanding of the Mass and its relationship to -- indeed, fulfillment of -- the covenants and prophesies of the Old Testament books of Holy Scripture. Anna M. Styn, Parishioner Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
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Biblical Roots of the Mass
Whenever I hear someone say that they are spiritual but not religious, I am grateful that books that reaffirm the exisence of true religion are still being written. Anyone who believes in God ought to consider the fate of Cain who thought that making up religious practices that were more in tune with his lifestyle was a perfectly reasonable thing to do. That which is the result of ignorance, pride, or disobedience can never be pleasing to God. Only that which comes from God can lead one back to God. This book is a wonderful source of both information and inspiration to help get one headed in the right direction.
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The Biblical Roots of the Mass
Sophia Institute Press is once again to be praised for reprinting a foundational text, this time a revision by Thomas J Nash of an earlier book. Nash writes in a style which is accessible to all readers. He is not afraid to helpfully distinguish Catholic faith and belief about the Mass and the Eucharist, and to show the profound roots of Catholic Eucharistic faith in the Jewish faith and practice. The work of Nash is complementary to the many writings on the subject by Scott Hahn which are cited in his text, as well as to the important work of Brant Pitre. Like them, Nash's writing breathes with his faith and his love for the Eucharist. Revealing the most profound connection between the Old and New Testaments, Nash shows the connection between the Paschal lamb led to the slaughter, and the Lamb of God is that once the suffering servant and the very son of God. Each chapter is accompanied by helpful study questions for discussion.
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