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Sophia's Book-of-the-Month Club is our way of sharing with you the fundamental elements of the Catholic Faith at the lowest possible price - $15 per month. Every month we will send you one of our new releases, and we will even cover the costs of shipping for US mailing addresses.

Every month we will send you one of our new releases - each guaranteed to enkindle in you a love of the Church and a desire to grow in holiness and in love with Our Lord.

Here's how the Book-of-the-Month Club works:

1) Click above to join our Book-of-the-Month Club.

2) Your credit card will be charged $15 each month (Shipping is free for US mailing addresses, and there are no other costs!)

3) You will receive a pre-selected reliably Catholic book each month, offering you a steady supply of books that will help you deepen your understanding of our Faith.

When joining the Book-of-the-Month Club, you save up to 40% over purchasing these fine Catholic books separately.

You can cancel anytime by emailing
us at

A deal like this is rare. We will barely cover our costs in offering you the Book-of-the-Month Club, but this is our small way of providing you with reliably Catholic resources.

You can join the Club for your own benefit, or you can sign up a friend or family member who is eager to learn more about the richness of our Catholic Faith. Either way, we will send reliably Catholic books at one low predictable price.

Catholic Traditions and Treasures by Helen Hoffner
From Forty Hours to First Fridays and from Holy Hours to Holy Days, you’ll find in these pages an informative, delightful compendium of the Catholic way of life.

Advent with Our Lady of Fatima by Donna-Marie Copper O'Boyle
Spiritually prepare your heart and soul with this very unique devotional while journeying through the Catholic liturgical season of Advent with Our Lady of Fatima.

Father Amorth by Fr. Gabriele Amorth
Elisabetta Fezzi draws the portrait of an unkown Father Amorth through a series of private and unpublished conversations with the world's most favorite exorcist.

What Does God Want? by Fr. Michael Scanlan

We reserve the right to choose the shipping method. Free shipping for Book-of-the-Month Club shipments only applies to books shipped to addresses in the United States of America. No additional discounts can be applied to the Book-of-the-Month Club.

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This is an incredible book club! I have been a part of it for 2 years. Every book has been worth every penny and I have learned so much! Please think about joining, you WILL NOT REGRET IT! Sandy Mahoney Rossville, Tn
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great service
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