Catholic Guide to Loneliness

How Science and Faith Can Help Us Understand It, Grow from It, and Conquer It

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Banish loneliness today – the Catholic way! Here’s a comprehensive guide to loneliness that affords Catholics the deepest possible answers to the growing problem of loneliness in our fragmented, technological modern society.

Rooted in ancient philosophical and Biblical wisdom, and buttressed by modern theory and research, these pages bring you to an understanding of the root causes of loneliness and teach you the remedies – secular and religious – that are most apt to cure this ever more prevalent problem.

You’ll also come to see how to harness loneliness for the service of God and neighbor, and how to bear with grace any residual loneliness you can’t manage to defeat.

Open these wise pages to discover:

  • The simple ABCs of Lonely Thinking
  • The 3 psychological and behavioral components of loneliness
  • Practical techniques to counteract the effects of all 3 of them
  • 30 easy, concrete steps you can take now to conquer your loneliness
  • How to acquire the virtues that immunize you against loneliness; and
  • How to profit from solitude when you must be alone
  • Plus, much more!

Here are scores of lessons about loneliness from ancient solitary monks, modern psychologists, saints like Thomas More and Thomas Aquinas, and Christ Himself – lessons that are guaranteed to uproot forever the weeds of loneliness that are choking out the fruitful life God wants you to have.

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Editorial Reviews

Kathleen  Beckman, L.H.S. photo

"A brilliant, timely, practical work on a universal human subject! Through the author’s expertise coupled with judicious scientific and theological resources, the reader is inspired to evaluate pre-conceived notions about loneliness to arrive at a new healthy perspective. I will be gifting this book to family, clergy, medical professionals and laity with whom I serve in the Church’s ministry of healing, deliverance and exorcism. Dr. Vost’s opus is a dynamic contribution to alleviating the epidemic of loneliness. "

Kathleen Beckman, L.H.S.
President of Foundation of Praying for Priests and editor of When Women Pray
Shane Kapler photo

"A meticulously researched, multi-faceted, spiritually rich treatment of the subject. Vost’s insights will stoke the fires of faith, hope, and charity in many a lonely soul."

Shane Kapler
Author of Marrying the Rosary to the Divine Mercy Chaplet

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