Catholic Republic

Why America Will Perish Without Rome


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Some Christians decry the deism of our Founding Fathers, claiming that outright anti-Christian principles lie at the heart of our Declaration of Independence and Constitution, crippling from birth our beloved republic.

Here philosopher Timothy Gordon forcefully disagrees, arguing that while anti-Catholic bias kept them from admitting their reliance on Aristotle, Aquinas, and the early Jesuits, our Protestant and Enlightenment Founding Fathers secretly held Catholic views about politics and nature.

Had they fully adhered to Catholic principles, argues Gordon, the “Catholic republic” that is America from its birth would not today be on the verge of social collapse. The instinctive Catholicism of our Founders would have prevented the cancerous growth of the state, our subsequent loss of liberties, the destruction of families, abortion on demand, the death of free markets, and the horrors of today’s pervasive pagan culture.

In Catholic Republic, Gordon recounts our nation’s clandestine history of publicly repudiating, yet privately relying on, Catholic ideas about politics and nature. At this late hour in the life of the Church and the world, America still can be saved, claims Gordon, if only we soon return to the Catholic principles that are the indispensable foundation of all successful republics.



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"What should Catholics think of the American founding? In Catholic Republic, Gordon answers by explaining how our republican founding “appropriated” a Catholic understanding of reality and can only rest secure on an explicitly Catholic foundation."

Jay Richards
Executive Editor - The Stream
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"Tim Gordon is, without doubt, an intellectual heavyweight with a deep understanding of, and love for, the Catholic Church. "

Matthew Marsden
Catholic Actor and Producer
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"This book exposes popular presuppositions imbibed by many conservatives, while handing readers on both sides of the culture war a slew of provocative insights."

Patrick Coffin
Host - The Patrick Coffin Show
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"Timothy Gordon impressively substantiates the crypto-Catholic political philosophy present in the American Revolution and founding of the United States of America. Saint Thomas Aquinas asserted that “man cannot attain his end by nature, but only by grace because of the exalted character of the end.” Gordon demonstrates that the natural law tradition of America in which she was conceived must also be perfected by this grace. "

Taylor Marshall
Best-Selling Author
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  • Publication Date: April 04, 2019
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Why are you censoring my critique of the book by deleting it every time I post it? Does the truth hurt? If it’s not true then you wouldn’t be afraid to have it on your review section. Seems like you are shutting down free speech and pushing a false narrative with this ill-written book. I’ll post it elsewhere.
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