Catholic Traditions and Treasures

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New converts and cradle Catholics alike are often perplexed by the myriad of devotions, traditions, practices, and beliefs that the Catholic Church has accumulated over the past twenty centuries. Why pray to St. Anthony to find something lost? Why keep a St. Christopher medal in your car? Or why bury a statue of St. Joseph — upside down! — in your yard when selling your house?

In Helen Hoffner’s lovingly-illustrated, encyclopedic Catholic Treasures and Traditions, you’ll find succinct – and sometimes amusing – answers to these and hundreds of other questions. This delightful book explains the origin and nature of most of the common traditions of the Catholic Faith, as well as the source and meaning of many of the quaint and obscure ones.

From Forty Hours to First Fridays and from Holy Hours to Holy Days, you’ll find in these pages an informative, delightful compendium of the Catholic way of life, including information about:

Novenas * Penance * Prayers for the Dead * First Fridays * Votive Candles * Religious Medals * St. Francis Statues * Bathtub Madonnas * Holy Cards * Crucifixes * House Blessings * Prayer Corners * Advent Calendars * Jesse Trees * Marian Apparitions * Vestments * Icons * Divine Mercy * The Sacred Heart * The Liturgical Year * Holy Days * Religious Orders * The Holy See * The Roman Curia * The Divine Office * Holy Oils * Genuflecting * Relics * Stations of the Cross * The Sacraments * The Angelus * Litanies * Patron Saints

and much more to acquaint you with the many wonderful treasures
and traditions of the Catholic Faith!

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"Blessing of throats, wearing of medals, chalking of doors. A beautifully produced encyclopedia describes them all. If anyone is searching for a delightful and informative book to give to a Confirmation candidate or convert as a gift, I recommend Catholic Traditions and Treasures: An Illustrated Encyclopedia."

Francis Phillips
The Catholic Herald

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Catholic Traditions and Treasures Set bundle

Catholic Traditions and Treasures Set

Join Dr. Helen Hoffner and Charles Kenny as they discover the meaning of Catholic traditions, treasures, and wisdom from the saints on 139 topics.

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