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95 Bible Passages That Confound Protestants

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Scriptural proofs for the truth of the Catholic faith

Martin Luther ignited the Protestant Reformation by tacking ninety-five anti-Catholic theses to a church door in Germany. Now Dave Armstrong counters with ninety-five pro-Catholic passages from an authority far greater than Luther: the Bible itself.

Protestants (and even many Catholics) will be surprised to see Catholicism so strongly supported by these Catholic verses.

Not Armstrong!

As a Bible-believing Protestant, he studied Scripture intently. There he encountered countless Catholic verses that convinced him that the Bible is a Catholic book. It was written by Catholics, preserved by Catholics for more than 1,400 years before Luther was born, and even today confirms the claims of the Catholic Church. “That’s why,” says Armstrong, “early Protestant opinion was virtually identical to today’s Catholic beliefs.”

With humility and care, Armstrong here explains ninety-five key Bible passages that confound all who would use Scripture to criticize the Church and Her doctrines. These are the verses that have drawn so many serious believers — including Armstrong — out of their Protestant congregations and into the Catholic Church.

Armstrong shows that a fair-minded reading of each of these passages (and of the whole Bible) supports the Catholic position on the key issues that divide Protestants from Catholics. Here is Biblical evidence that Catholicism is right about the nature of baptism, the communion of saints, the Eucharist, and the Church; the authority of the Pope, the Bible, and tradition; the salvific role of faith, good works, relics, purgatory, and Mary; the immorality of divorce and contraception; and much more.

The Catholic Verses is essential reading for all persons seeking to understand God’s word in the Bible and to discover the Church that continues to preach His word faithfully today.


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A very helpful book for the serious Christian
This is an excellent investigation into why "we do the things we don't want to do and do not do the things we want to do". I found the book refreshingly honest and objective. Fr. Maturin gives solid practical techniques in overcoming our concupiscence balanced with encouragement and gratitude for God's gifts in each one of us.
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Thoughts from a seminarian: Useful tools for stimulating discussion
Catholics are often accused of two things, not knowing the Bible, and being an unbiblical religion. While the first part may sadly be true in many instances (though nowadays that tide is turning), the second part is not, and this book sets out to bolster the position that in fact all of Catholic belief and practice is grounded in scripture, or at least flows from scripture. Armstrong lays out clear explanations of how various Catholic beliefs are not only found in scripture, but are strongly supported by it. His writing is clear and his arguments are strong. There was only one verse that I thought felt like he was fishing, but other than that I think it flows nicely. I think slinging Bible verses back and forth is a poor way to discuss religion, but at least this book should stimulate conversation, and help people, both Catholic and not to understand why Catholics believe many of those things that we do.
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A must for Catholics and those who wish to understand them
I recommend this book without reservation, and I encourage my fellow Catholics to take the study of these verses to heart and to commit them to memory. They are excellent reminders of how the Catholic faith is rooted in the Word of God.
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