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Chiara Corbella Petrillo

Chiara said “yes” to everything God sent her way, becoming a true child of God. And as her days on earth came to an end, Enrico looked down on his wife and said, “If she is going to be with Someone who loves her more than I, why should I be upset?”

Each saint has a special charisma, a particular facet of God that is reflected through her. Chiara’s was to be a witness to joy in the face of great adversity, the kind which makes love overflow despite the sorrow from loss and death.  

It's Good to Be Here

Locked now for decades within her own fragile, helpless body, Christina has been graced with extraordinary insights into the similar helplessness of Jesus, the majestic King of the Universe, who, when born of the Virgin Mary, became just like Christina today—unable to feed Himself or even lift His head. From that littleness – hers and His – Christina here draws forth a marvelous wisdom that shows that as creatures, we are all, in one sense or another, paralyzed.

None of us can exist apart from limitations and boundaries.

None of us can walk through this life unaided.

In the presence of God, not a single one of us can even stand.


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