Church Under Attack

Five Hundred Years That Split the Church and Scattered the Flock

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Here’s an unabashedly Catholic history that documents scores of sustained and unprecedented assaults on our Catholic Faith these past five centuries and delineates our Church’s brave response to each one.

For five hundred years, from Luther to Marx, through Darwin, Hitler, and Rousseau, wave after wave of cynical anti-Catholic men and movements have wrought havoc even worse than that of Attila the Hun and Genghis Khan, leaving our once noble Christendom a ruined city, devastated politically and spiritually, morally and intellectually.

They’ve ripped the heart from our culture’s chest: the Catholic Faith that once gave life and strength to her body. They’ve wounded even the Church herself.

Celebrated Catholic historian Diane Moczar counters here with an unflinching sketch of these five woeful centuries with sound reasons for hope. For, as she demonstrates, even after five hundred years of sustained persecution, our Church has not merely survived but continues in many places to flourish.

Almost two thousand years ago, Tertullian noted that the “blood of the martyrs is the seed of the Church,” a truth borne out these past five hundred years.

Time after time, as Moczar shows, persecution has not snuffed out the Faith but has brought forth great saints whose holy deeds and brave examples frustrated their persecutors by communicating to the besieged Church a vigor greater than that of her persecutors.

These pages will renew your confidence that the Church is indeed Christ acting in the world and that no matter how strong or ruthless or vicious her opponents, she will not be vanquished but will endure to the end of time.

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"Diane Moczar has written an excellent book. I enjoyed it thoroughly."

Pat Buchanan
Author and syndicated columnist

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you did it to yourselves pope pius backed hitler explain that one
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The Church Under Attack
Upon opening the pages of this book you realize two things. First, this is a well-researched book dealing with a pivotal 500 year period in Church history. Second, the author has found a way to present this history in an entertaining fashion that draws you in. Dr. Diane Moczar has managed to do something not every author of a history book can do. Make learning history enjoyable.
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Right on the Money
I read this book in one afternoon, and found it to be engrossing reading. I appreciated it particularly as it accorded with my understanding as to the way in which the Catholic Church has come under fire during the last two or so hundred years. My only gripe is that it could have been longer and more detailed, without going into too much burdensome detail. In particular I would have liked more specifics on the twentieth century progressives in the secular sphere and modernists in the religious. However, apart from that I found it to be a great read and would strongly recommend it. The facts may surprise many.
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