Columbus and the Crisis of the West


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After decades of politically charged controversy, the reputation and standing of Christopher Columbus lies battered beneath mountains of misjudgments and distortions. The surge of historical revisionism now ravaging the legendary explorer insists that his daring adventures brought only tragic consequences: disease, death, subjugation of native peoples, incitement of the African slave trade, destruction of the environment, and other horrors.

But is this a legitimate assessment of Europe's inevitable western expansion? 

In Columbus and the Crisis of the West, Dr. Robert Royal carefully examines the mind and motives of Christopher Columbus, distinguishing him as the greatest explorer of his age, whose courage and vision extended Christian Europe and inspired the American spirit. 

Yet you won't find here a full-throated defense of Christopher Columbus. Rather, Dr. Royal examines what actually happened in the decades following 1492, when two widely divergent cultures met and mingled. Refusing to ignore or underplay the tragedies of America's origins, Royal masterfully places these events in historical context, protecting them from the contemporary biases that are moving forward at ramming speed to crush fragile truths.

In these pages you'll explore Columbus's spirituality and the apocalyptic vision that guided him, as well as the disparate ways in which Puritans and Catholics viewed and approached the indigenous peoples. You'll also discover what life was really like for them, the truth about Indian environmentalism, the essence of the “noble savage,” and the soundness of the claim that the native peoples were innocents living in harmony with nature.

Here is the book that cuts through the fashionable pieties of our time by boldly refuting the most popular indictments of Columbus and early America. Finally, a serious classical scholar who confronts with power the crusading revisionist historians who are leveraging the Native American conquest in an effort to defile, dishonor, and ultimately upend Western civilization.

Wilfred McClay photo

"We have not a moment to spare in the work of defending our precious heritage, and thanks to Robert Royal and Sophia Institute Press, we now have the perfect place to begin."

Wilfred McClay
University of Oklahoma
+Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap. photo

"In a time marked by tearing down the good in Western civilization rather than building it up, Royal neither diminishes nor excuses the sins of the past; but he also catalogs the extraordinary moral and material achievements passed down to our common heritage by the generations that preceded us."

+Charles J. Chaput, O.F.M. Cap.
Archbishop Emeritus of Philadelphia, Member, Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation
Robert Reilly photo

"This eloquent book provides an unflinching look at Christopher Columbus, the West, and Native American cultures in a careful, well-balanced, non-polemical way. By providing much-needed context, Robert Royal also exposes the perverted perspective through which Columbus and Western Civilization as a whole is seen by so many critics today."

Robert Reilly
Author of 'America on Trial'
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"In this eminently thoughtful and judicious book, written with clarity and grace, Robert Royal rescues Columbus from both the hagiography of the past, and the ideological clichés and distortions of the present."

Daniel J. Mahoney
Augustine Chair in Distinguished Scholarship, Assumption University
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  • Publication Date: September 11, 2020
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A corrective
Dispels the nonsense noised about by the credentialed commentariat.
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Robert Royal rehabilitates much maligned Christopher Columbus
Robert Royal’s commentary is a marvelous but not overbearing study of one of history’s most significant, underrated human beings and his accomplishments. My background is history and I have done some research on Christopher Columbus. The author gingerly touches on a more accurate profile of the great explorer by drawing on resources not universally known. It’s just enough for those who know nothing but the negative legends regarding Columbus and who may not be disposed to consider an extreme reversal. The author, whose style hints at his brilliance, writes in a colloquial, reachable manner, like a conversation between thoughtful friends. I highly recommend Robert Royal’s timely profile. He may have saved the great navigator from near oblivion.
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So much more than a history book
Meet Columbus, once idolized, now demonized. He was neither saint nor devil, but a complex mixture of motives. Read about pre-Columbian native American culture, it was not the harmonious, unspoiled world that many want you to believe in. Robert Royal makes a great defense of western civilization without denying its warts and flaws. I loved the history, but this book is also highly relevant to the present.
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