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The expected release date is Mar 21, 2019.

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These pages bring you a beautiful collection of spiritual treasures drawn from the celebrated Diary of Catholic visionary and mystic, St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938).

Arranged by best-selling Catholic author Susan Tassone into a handy, day-by-day form, these selections from Faustina’s writings on Divine Mercy – revealed to her over the years in mystical conversations with Jesus himself – will help you do what Jesus told Faustina he wants you to do: trust completely in His mercy and show mercy to others.

 By means of these daily readings, you’ll come to know – and be enriched by – St. Faustina’s “Secrets of Sanctity,” awakening in you the qualities of Divine Mercy that Jesus himself infused into Faustina’s soul: mercy (of course), but also trust, humility, and peaceful acceptance of God’s will for you.

 Since her death just over 80 years ago, St. Faustina has been a source of strength and inspiration for millions of souls across the globe, including Pope St. John Paul II who canonized her in the year 2000. Today, she can begin bringing you, too, the strength and inspiration you need.

In Day by Day with St. Faustina, you’ll learn how to:

 • Grow daily closer to Christ in the Eucharist.

 • Use your suffering to help others, including the souls in purgatory.

 • Grasp the striking details of Faustina’s mystical experiences, prophecies, and revelations — and discover what they mean for you in particular. Soon you’ll begin to experience in your soul the graces that were poured into hers.

 You’ll find yourself becoming, like Faustina, an Apostle of Mercy, teaching others – by word and example – about the infinite love and compassion of God, who is Divine Mercy.

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Editorial Reviews

Most Rev. Robert P. Reed photo

"Susan Tassone shares with us the beauty, truth, wisdom, and spirituality found in St.Faustina's Diary. Now, with Day By Day with St. Faustina, she hands us 365 theological gems with an original reflection and prayer for each one. This is a tremendous achievement...and a truly lovely and "pray-able" prayer book."

Most Rev. Robert P. Reed
Auxiliary Bishop of Boston
Fr. Dan  Cambra, M.I.C. photo

"Day by Day with St. Faustina gives us a wonderful approach to comprehending the infinite Divine Mercy of God. I’ve long hoped that somebody would be able to open the depths of St. Faustina’s spirituality in a way that would allow people to slowly acquire her ability to trust just as she slowly grew in prayer, in understanding God’s will, and eventually in fully trusting in His love."

Fr. Dan Cambra, M.I.C.
Holy Souls Sodality, The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy

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