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A Devotional Journey into the Mass

If you’re unhappy because the Mass has become for you routine – or even boring and tedious – these pages are for you. They teach you eight simple ways to make your every Mass a joyful time of piety and intense devotion.

Explaining the spiritual meanings behind the signs and symbols, words and actions of the Mass, author Christopher Carstens teaches you spiritually-enriching ways to enter the church building, make the Sign of the Cross, pray the Opening Prayer, listen to the Readings, prepare your soul at the Offertory, participate in the Eucharistic Prayer, receive Communion, and even respond to the Dismissal.

Soon – with the help of author Carstens wise suggestions – you will be surprised to find each Eucharistic Celebration a fountain of peace for you, a profound refreshment for your soul.

Among other things you’ll learn from these pages:

  • The meaning of the “sacramental principle”: if you don’t understand it, then Mass is almost surely flat for you
  • How each element of the Liturgy has a sacramental quality about it, and can be for you a grace-filled encounter with Jesus
  • How to transform your prayers at Mass into a conversation with God
  • Why silence – both within the liturgy and outside of it – is a necessary element of that conversation with God
  • There’s a proper spiritual way to make the Sign of the Cross (do you know what it is?)
  • How the Creed can be for you the highpoint of the Liturgy of the Word
  • Why, during the collection, you should also explicitly offer Christ your heart
  • The best way in the Mass to participate in Jesus’ saving work: do you know what it is?
  • What you should desire in order to receive the Eucharist most efficaciously (and what that desire presupposes in you)
  • Coming and going through the church doors: what, each time, it should mean for you spiritually

Plus, at the end of each chapter, a list of action items for the next time you go to Mass, and much, much more to awaken in you the bright spirit of joyful devotion that we are all called to have at Mass.

Spiritual Guidelines for Souls Seeking God

Habits of prayer are mere bondage unless they change who you are. The key to spiritual growth is passing from the law of prohibitions into the influences of the Beatitudes. You’ll learn how by following the secrets of this holy priest.

Fr. Basil Maturin, a priest wise in the ways of the soul, explains in these pages what you must do — and what you must allow Christ to do — in order to come to know Him as you should.

In chapters written for souls hungry to improve their spiritual lives, Fr. Maturin shows you how to move beyond the conquest of particular vices and develop true friendship with Christ.

You'll learn not merely how to pray, but also how to combine prayer with the spiritual virtues that are essential to sure progress in the spiritual life.

With Fr. Maturin's help, you'll soon develop a strong and vigorous character that shines with bright virtues and leads you to an encounter — face-to-face — with Christ Himself. Fr. Maturin you'll learn . . .

  • The one virtue that breaks open the soul to admit God's abundant grace
  • The two things you must do to discern God's will for you
  • Why fervor is no measure of devotion
  • How to train your mind and improve your prayers
  • Distractions: how to deal with them efficiently . . . and charitably
  • The sense of God's presence: how to make it your armor against both crippling introspection, heedless self-abandonment, and even ordinary distractions
  • Why your general intention to improve is not sufficient
  • And much more to form your soul and bring you closer to Christ

Read this book, and you will soon be drawn closer to Christ as you abide in His presence today, tomorrow, and ever after.

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