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Over the years, the brilliant and often voluminous scholarly writings of Bl. John Henry Newman (1801-1890), have drawn into the Church thousands more converts after him.

In this more modest work, his Everyday Meditations, we encounter not Newman the intellectual but Newman the simple Christian, on his knees face-to-face with God. Confident that the Church teaches us rightly but knowing as well that each of us must walk closely with God — hearing His voice not only through the Church but in the depths of our own hearts — Newman here shows us how to look to Jesus and declare:

I need you to teach me day by day, according to each day's opportunities and needs. Teach me . . . to sit at your feet and to hear your word. Give me that true wisdom which seeks your will by prayer and meditation. . . . Give me the discernment to know your voice from the voice of strangers, to rest upon it, and to seek it in the first place.

This was Newman's greatest desire. It awakened in him ceaseless prayer, countless good works, a profound love of the sacraments, and the habit of daily meditation which strengthened his will, deepened his understanding, and enkindled in him an ever greater love of God. For those qualities, Pope Benedict XVI recently proclaimed Newman "Blessed," just one step from declaring him a saint.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church says that ongoing growth in sanctity is "an uninterrupted task for the whole Church." If in recent times yours has been interrupted (or merely slowed down), let it begin anew with this modest book.

To help you discern God's voice daily, rest in it, and respond to it according to each day's opportunities and needs, we have here gathered fifty of Newman's most moving Christian meditations, each guaranteed to enkindle in your soul the very same kind of love they enkindled in his. As they nurtured Newman's daily acts of conversion and finally made him worthy of the title "Blessed," so will they call you to daily acts of conversion and finally lead you, as they led Newman, "to bow down in awe before the depths of God's love."

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Editorial Reviews

Most Rev. Charles Chaput photo

"Blessed John Henry Newman is remembered for the brilliance of his mind and the persuasive power of his writing. But above all, Newman touches the heart. He wins the reader with clarity and beauty, as evidenced on every page of this wonderful book. His work is a labor of joy; it changes us for the better. Everyday Meditations is the kind of book that, if taken to heart, draws us into the arms of God."

Most Rev. Charles Chaput
Archdiocese of Philadelphia
Most Rev. James Conley photo

"Everyday Meditations will change your life. Blessed Newman's reflections will speak to your heart helping you grow in faith, hope and love."

Most Rev. James Conley
Diocese of Lincoln
Fr. C. John McCloskey photo

"Who would not want to have arguably the greatest theologian and convert maker of the last two centuries at his side as he enters into conversation with the Lord on a daily basis? This book will help you immensely in your struggle for holiness and winning the world for Christ and His Church."

Fr. C. John McCloskey
Research Fellow at the Faith & Reason Institute
Stratford Caldecott photo

"It is sometimes hard to pray, and often we are distracted from God's presence, though He never leaves us. Nothing makes it easier to remember Him than to follow the prayers and meditations of a holy person such as Newman: we become like children, led by the hand of a gentle and kindly father; or like wanderers once lost in the dark, following the warm light from an open doorway. These prayers and meditations are from Newman's heart, and this new edition of them is a great gift"

Stratford Caldecott
Director of the Centre for Faith & Culture, Oxford

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Everyday Meditations
Blessed John Henry Newman is perhaps one of the most well-known converts to Catholicism in Church history. Thanks to Sophia Institute Press we now have a handy volume with select writings of this great man. This volume gives you an opportunity to increase your faith and learn a little on the spiritual thought of Blessed John Henry Newman. Taking it one step further the book provides a short biographical introduction to John Henry Newman by Bishop James D. Conley. The book contains 50 meditations covering a wide variety of topics. Subjects include Hope in God the Creator, The Priesthood of Jesus, The Sorrows of Mary, The Effects of Sin, The Food of the Soul and The Sacred Heart. These need not be read in order. You could either randomly turn to a meditation, or concentrate on topics of interest. The table of contents serves as a handy directory allowing you to flip to the meditation of your liking.
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Coffee with Cardinal Newman every day
This book--comprised of fifty short meditations drawn from Newman's works--was refreshing on a few levels. In the first instance, it made Newman highly approachable, even for the busy person or neophyte reader of Newman. The meditations are brief, but brilliant, & it's been a delight to have "coffee with Cardinal Newman" in the mornings, using these perfectly-sized portions of Newman's work which sacrifice neither the depth of his insights nor the beauty of his writing. I know individuals who would balk at reading Newman because of his intellectual stature, sophisticated style, and sustained argumentation. Happily, I think this book solves this problem perfectly. It includes a concise introduction to the life and legacy of Newman by Bishop James Conley, and each 2-3 page mediation is a lovely immersion into the mind of the saint, making this a book which I could recommend to and share with anyone--especially in the interests of gaining Newman's work the wider readership it deserves.
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