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Discovering God Together

Research shows again and again that when families openly live and share their faith together, their marriages are stronger, children and parents get along better, and children are less likely to succumb to drugs, alcohol, promiscuity, or negative peer pressure.

In this book, experienced psychotherapists Greg and Lisa Popcak show how you can transform your family into a joyful place where each member experiences life as a gift from God.

From tapping into the rich beauty of Catholic traditions to mustering the motivation needed to deepen your spiritual life, you discover the practical, positive, and tangible difference our faith can make in your family life.

You’ll also learn . . .

  • The five marks of a Catholic family. Are you missing the most important?

  • How to keep rituals fresh and alive rather than boring and routine.

  • The four characteristics of teaching your children to have the heart of a disciple.

  • The one thing children need to catch their faith on fire.

  • How to shepherd your kids through the seven stages of faith.

  • Six steps to helping kids develop individual prayer time

  • How to discern your family’s charism – and what to do with it.

  • How to foster your children’s sense of mission.

  • The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse

    Love, honor, cherish ... and understand

    In their bestselling book, The Temperament God Gave You, authors Art and Laraine Bennett re-introduced the age-old concept of the four classic temperaments, and showed how to use them to understand yourself, get along with others, and grow closer to God.

    Now they're back with more temperament wisdom, designed specially for couples and guaranteed to improve your marital communication, intimacy, and happiness: The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse.

    In no other kind of human relationship is knowledge of the temperaments - the fundamental personality traits, hard-wired into us at birth, that affect the way we respond to the world around us - so critical, and so fruitful, as in a Christian marriage. For it's only through mutual understanding of our own patterns of reaction, and those of our spouse, that we can motivate, nurture, respect, and above all, love each other with the selfless patience to which Christ calls us in the sacrament.

    In a fun-to-read style that incorporates practical psychology, real-life anecdotes, and decades of clinical experience, the Bennetts will show you:

  • The four kinds of spouses - which kind did you marry?

  • How temperament affects the way you and your spouse work, pray, argue, socialize, and show affection

  • Tips for developing the communication skills that your temperament needs most, and for nurturing them in your spouse

  • All the possible temperament combinations in marriage, and how to handle the unique challenges that yours creates
  • Proven ways to figure out what really makes your spouse tick!

  • So often we wish we could make our spouses different (because they're not just like us); yet the Bennetts show that true marital contentment lies not in changing the way God made our loved ones, but in appreciating it - and helping them to perfect it. Read The Temperament God Gave Your Spouse and discover a new world of understanding and respect for the person you married.



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