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Here’s the award-winning classic that for over forty years has shown Christian men how to be the loving husbands and gentle fathers that Christ calls them to be.

Rooted firmly in Scripture, these pages call on husbands to stop thinking of themselves simply as bosses and breadwinners. Rather, says author Clayton Barbeau, husbands should see themselves as co-creators with God, imitators of Christ’s love for His people, high priests in the domestic Church, teachers of their children, witnesses to society, providers of spiritual and material goods, and models of holiness.

But Barbeau offers more than just a sublime vision of marriage. Drawing on his own experiences as a husband and a father, he gives you practical tips to help you transform that vision into a daily reality in your own marriage.

Armed with Barbeau’s wisdom, you’ll grow closer to your wife and to your children, while deepening your love for God. You’ll be able to lead your family to holiness amidst the troubles and temptations that threaten even the best of families today: infidelity, divorce, materialism, loneliness, and despair.

The Father of the Family makes good fathers — and good fathers are the secret to happy homes. Why wait? Let Clayton Barbeau show you how to make your marriage and family life better today!

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A Real Classic is Reborn
Clayton Barbeau's classic on a Catholic spirituality for fathers has been through several editions over the decades, prior to this the most recent having come out in 1990. It's great to see this brand new edition, and I recommend it highly, as it is undoubtedly the best book of its kind. It will make a wonderful birthday gift and likewise a gift for Fathers Day... Hooray for Barbeau!
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Important reading...
When this book first appeared (as The Head of the Family) it was soon in every Catholic rectory in the country and used to advise young men planning to marry. I would still recommend it today to anyone contemplating marriage, and those already married. Very well written, important reading.
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