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Christian Contemplation and Mystical Wisdom

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A humble prayer calls down fire from above, and as we learn to live a life rooted in prayer, this heavenly fire grows into a profound awareness of the presence of God. This is the deepest purpose of prayer, and making this journey is essential for reaching the heights of holiness for which we were made.

In Fire From Above, Dr. Anthony Lilles, Academic Dean at St. John’s Seminary in California, shows you how to put your whole life in conversation with the Risen Lord within the Catholic tradition of spirituality. The wisdom of great saints and mystics will help you discover how to surrender your pride and appeal to God with humble trust, and how prayer addresses your deepest human needs.

Dr. Lilles then shows you how the mystery of prayer unfolds, and how God provides heroic levels of courage and deep internal resolve through humble and persevering devotion. You’ll examine how spiritual battles and dryness in prayer are essential to reaching communion with God, including the dark night of the soul. In these remarkable pages, you’ll also explore:

  • Why finding time to pray is always possible and necessary even when life is busy
  • How the proper use of sacramentals can render the heart more vulnerable to God’s saving power while protecting it from evil.
  • Practical ways to confront self-deception and other challenges to contemplative prayer.
  • How forgiveness and bearing hardships are means for spiritual maturity
  • The indispensible role of Our Lady in the life of faith


Read these pages, and you’ll soon embark on the epic adventure which is the life of prayer, and you’ll find encouragement to desire neither the goods nor the experiences of this world, but instead to pursue alone the Lord and His divine plan for your life.

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Editorial Reviews

Dan Burke photo

"Fire from Above is an exceptional book. If you are looking to deepen your understanding of prayer beyond the basics, I know of no better book than this extraordinary work."

Dan Burke
President, Avila Institute,
Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez photo

"My prayer is that all those who read this book will come to a new awareness of the beautiful privilege we have to pray – and a new experience of prayer as a dialogue of love that leads us into the merciful heart of the Father."

Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez
Archbishop of Los Angeles

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