Fire of Love

Understanding Purgatory

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The truth about Purgatory . . . revealed more than 500 years ago to a canonized saint!

Here is the sensible view of Purgatory, tainted by neither childish superstition nor modern skepticism.

From these holy pages by St. Catherine of Genoa, you'll learn:

  • Why it's sensible to believe in the existence of Purgatory


  • Why Purgatory is both a sorrowful and a joyful place for a soul to be


  • How the purifying fires of Purgatory reflect God's love


  • How St. Catherine's vision of Purgatory can help you face the sorrows in your life with greater faith and courage


Five hundred years ago, Fire of Love! transformed the world's view of Purgatory, revealing these purifying fires to be the glow of God's love. Now is the time to let these pages transform your own view of Purgatory, and to discover in them a sweet manifestation of the unfathomable depths of God's love.

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  • Pages: 96
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Fire of Love
St Catherine explains purgatory so that it makes sense. There is reason and understanding regarding this belief. It's a great book and provides much to think about.
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A helpful and treasured spiritual guide to Purgatory
St. Catherine of Genoa gives us a real insight into the nature of Purgatory. I loved this book. It helped me understand this Christian doctrine better. Her vision of Purgatory will help many understand the true nature of God's love and justice for souls. This is a perfect little book that won't take long to read. This is definitely a good read for ALL Catholics! God Bless!
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