Fit for Eternal Life!

A Christian Approach to Working Out, Eating Right, and Building the Virtues of Fitness in Your Soul

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Train for Strength — in Body and Soul

Is your spirit faithful but your flesh flabby? Has your Temple of the Holy Spirit begun to creak and crumble? Then let Fit for Eternal Life show you how to build it up again.

Most any workout book can help you bulk up or slim down, but only here will you find a truly Christian approach to physical fitness. As Catholic psychologist and veteran bodybuilder Kevin Vost (author of Memorize the Faith!) reveals, God’s command to “be perfect” applies not only to our moral life, but also to our bodies. By Him we were “wonderfully made” as creatures corporal and spiritual. The stronger and more enduring we make our bodies, the better we imitate Christ – in whom perfect physical strength, endurance, and beauty were incarnated.

Best of all: it doesn’t take a lot of time, special knowledge, or fancy equipment to do it. Dr. Vost explains the basic principles of strength and endurance training in a way you can understand (even if you haven’t been in a gym for years — or ever), and then helps you assemble an effective, personalized workout program that can be performed in as little as twenty minutes per week, leaving you plenty of time (and energy) to be an active Christian parent, spouse, and disciple.

Fit for Eternal Life also provides:

  • A revolutionary understanding of fitness as a virtue; how building muscle can build virtue and vice-versa
  • Ways to make your workouts an opportunity to practice prayer, meditation, and meritorious suffering


  • Special guidance for women, older persons, and teens. We’re all called to perfect our bodies!


  • Advice to help you avoid many common fitness pitfalls, from bad form to over-training


  • Fitness wisdom from classical philosophers, athletic popes, and even St. Thomas Aquinas!


  • Sidebars with advanced information and techniques, for when you’re ready to progress beyond the basics


Having a strong and fit physique is not just for a select few. Neither must it be separate from (or worse, opposed to) a life of the spirit. Fit for Eternal Life shows you how to make your Temple healthier, more beautiful, and more zealous in this world, and will help prepare you for everlasting happiness with God in the next.

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This book is golden - by a "golden-ager"
I'm almost 66. If I hadn't found Kevin Vost's book, my body, at least, would not have been fit for much of anything, leastwise eternal life, fast approaching. Since I had concentrated only on my mind and soul, my body suffered. Though I ignored my body for years, considering it the least important of God's gifts, Kevin's book with its sensible eating and workout plans convinced me that corporal health was not only worth a try, but that God demanded it! There is certainly something here for everyone who has the ability to move about. There are specific exercises that require a gym; some require only weights and room to use them; much of the aerobics and calisthenics require only perseverance and perspiration. The additional--or should I say, crowning--point is the inclusion of apt references to St. Thomas Aquinas, ancient philosophers, and even to saintly but not "over-muscly" Pope Pius XII, who proclaimed: "The human body is in its own right, God's masterpiece."
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This book is a gem!
I was surprised and quite impressed by Vost's thorough, yet clever, combination of his wealth of weight training, aerobic and spiritual knowledge. This book will do well to suit and inform anyone hoping to become, not only more physically fit and spiritually aware, but a better spouse, parent, or friend. In his unique and well written format, you will find a good deal of valuable information about traditional aerobic activities, as well as helpful suggestions such as, implementing boring household chores (while listening to your favorite spiritual music) as part of your routine. As for the weight training technique he outlines in the book, it is what is known as "HIT" or High Intensity Training. This method, which would leave me feeling like I hadn't gotten my moneys worth out of my gym membership, could rightfully be called "LTN" for Less Time Needed. If you follow his plan and remain diligent in doing so, there is no doubt that his system will help you to become more fit.
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