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How to Overcome Persistent Personal Problems

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Free yourself from persistent sinful habits — once and for all!

Simple willpower isn't enough when you're struggling against anger, anxiety, addictions, sexual temptations, and other common problems. Bert Ghezzi, author of this engaging and practical guide, insists that the power of the Holy Spirit — and only that power — is strong enough to overcome these deeply rooted and disheartening difficulties. Best of all, he shows how you can tap into the Spirit's power now.

Ghezzi, the author of many popular Catholic books (including Voices of the Saints), helps you see exactly what you're up against in dealing with these problems. He details how you can and must be vigilant against temptations, and points the way for you to experience real freedom from evil influences.

His advice, which is firmly rooted in the wisdom of the saints, helps you gain the Spirit's power both in your individual spiritual life and in your relationships. You'll learn how to trust Jesus more and to control your thoughts — as well as how to let go of grudges and how to place your dealings with others on a firm Christian footing.

Ghezzi's forthright, Holy Spirit-centered approach gives you trustworthy, tested ways to gain the freedom that only God can give.

Say goodbye to those nagging problems for good as you learn:

  • Sexual thoughts: when they're sinful — and when they aren't
  • The two options offered to you by each problem that you encounter — will you make the right choice?


  • Seven often-neglected helps God offers to aid you in resisting sinful impulses


  • Simple tips on how you can take stock of your problems without growing discouraged


  • "Friendship with the world": what it is, and why it makes you an enemy of God


  • The one thing you must do — or you'll certainly lose all your battles against sin


  • "Willpower Christianity": why relying on your will to get your life in order is so common — and so dangerous


  • "The flesh": what St. Paul means when he uses this term — it's not what you think!


  • Curiosity: harmless? It can lead you into sin! Why you should be on guard


  • Much more that Bert Ghezzi will show you about how to live in the freedom of Christ!

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Editorial Reviews

Steve Ray photo

"With his readable style and practical advice, Ghezzi brings us a down-to-earth guide."

Steve Ray
Ronda Chervin photo

"An effective antidote to discouragement. A fine gift for those seeking concrete ways to meet Christ."

Ronda Chervin
Paul Thigpen photo

"Bert Ghezzi is a spiritual sage known internationally for his straight talk and practical wisdom about Christian living. Drawing from Scripture, Tradition, Church history and personal experience, he offers here a concrete plan of action for breaking out of sinful habits."

Paul Thigpen

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Excellent extremely powerful information that I needed to know!
This book has so much important information that I needed to know that I quit highlighting sentences in it and just read it twice. Excellent book that I am going to purchase for my friends to help them better understand why certain problem they have just won't go away and how they can change that quickly.
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Intro to Living a Fruitful Life
This is an amazing book and is THE perfect introduction for living a fruitful life. Bert presents the necessary means to enter into a closer walk with Jesus, revealing all that must be eliminated in order to allow the Holy Spirit to transform and sanctify us. This book is a necessay 101 course for those who desire an intimate and personal relationship with the Lord and be Christ's presence right where we live.
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