Holiness for Housewives

And Other Working Women

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Housewives: learn how you can stay serene - and even find God -amid the dishes and the diapers!

This unique spiritual guide will help you grow holier and more prayerful as you perform the most menial household chores -- not in spite of those chores, but in the midst of them.

Written especially for women in charge of households, Holiness for Housewives will help you better understand and respect your vocation as a housewife -- and discover in it your own God-given path to sanctity.

This handy guide will show you how to:

  • Find meaning in even the most boring work
  • Pray in the midst of a bustling household
  • Bear the stress of those long days in which the work never seems to end
  • Develop a greater awareness of God's presence -- even amid the diapers and the dirty dishes
  • Learn to rely more on your will and less on emotions, when life seems to be an endless round of drudgery
  • Handle your burdens and sorrows with prayers that are especially fashioned for housewives

Let Holiness for Housewives show you how to find and savor the lasting pleasures that await you in your noble, God-given vocation as a housewife!

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Editorial Reviews


"Van Zeller points out a sure way to combat fatigue and weariness of spirit. Written with charm and a fine sense of humor."

Ave Maria Magazine

"Inspiring reading for every housewife, and every spouse, father, brother, and son of a housewife!"

The Midwest Book Review
Dr. Susan Muto photo

"Here’s a way to grow holy day by day through intimacy with the ordinary."

Dr. Susan Muto

"Housewives and mothers of families will find much to help them in this author’s common sense."

Homiletic and Pastoral Review

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  • Pages: 104
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-0-918477-47-7
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Catholic Mothers — Save 35%

A Mother's Rule of Life will teach you a pattern of living that will help you manage your household, grow closer to God, come to love your husband more, and raise up good Catholic children. Holiness for Housewives will help you to discover a path to sanctity in your vocation as a housewife.

Customer Reviews

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I refer back to this all the time!
I can't count the number of times I've referred back to this little book, especially its discussions on finding holiness in the state of life God has given you (no pining to be a nun, or ballerina, or CEO, or SAHM, if you're not called to be one), offering up your daily frustrations as an act of love & growth in holiness, and the great GK Chesterton quote & discussion: "How can it be broad to be one thing to everyone, yet narrow to be everything to one person?" So many words of wisdom for women of all vocations.
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Practical Prayer for Practical Moms
Wow! Holiness for Housewives offers genuine, understandable, and practical guidance for mothers! This is a helpful--and hopeful-- book for women who wish to grow their spirituality within the context of their daily routine. Van Zeller truly edifies the day-to-day tasks of stay-at-home moms and offers very specific ways that these tasks can lead one to a deeper relationship with God. Rather than trying to deepen one's spirituality IN SPITE OF the daily chores and child-care duties, he discuses how one might offer the busyness of the day as a prayer in and of itself. He calls this "practicing the presence of God." This process places incredibe value on both one's personal realtionship with God and on mothering. I've often thought of these two endeavors as somewhat mutually exclusive--or at least as competitors. But Van Zeller provides a method in which they can fit together in a way which enriches them both.
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