Holy Confidence

The Forgotten Path for Growing Closer to God


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Too many Christians believe that they please God better by a trembling submission to Him rather than a sweet and confiding liberty. In these pages, Fr. Rogacci shows us that time and time again, Our Lord insisted that we be at ease with Him. Where there is too much fear, there is no room for love.

In persuasive and surprising ways, Fr. Rogacci shows us how to gain full confidence in God and how our familiarity with Him is the most efficacious way to promote His glory — and our own happiness. You’ll also learn:

  • How fear of damnation promotes neither humility nor even brings about true conversion
  • Proven false: the claim that Scripture demands we live in fear of God
  • How to eliminate the fears which smother your confidence in God and banish spiritual joy
  • Why God’s majesty should be no obstacle to friendship with him
  • Will only a few souls be saved? Learn the surprising truth from Scripture
  • Why it’s not merely erroneous, but actually unjust to accuse God of severity
  • Why your sins should not diminish your confidence in God
  • Why friendship with God never requires you be worthy of it
  • How to guarantee that you will have final perseverance in the love of God
  • How to set aside all doubts about your ultimate salvation. Plus: why you should do so now

Confidence in the love of God is the surest way to grow daily closer to Him. Deeply rooted in Scripture and the writings of the saints, these wise pages will not only convince you of this, but will provide solid, reasoned, Scriptural ways that you can develop greater confidence in Our Lord and attain final union with Him in Heaven.

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  • Pages: 192
  • Format(s): Paperback, eBook
  • ISBN: 978-1-622824-663
  • Product Code: 4663
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