Holy Handmaids of the Lord

Women Saints Who Won the Battle for Souls


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Christ wants you to join in His saving work.

He has called you to be a holy handmaid, a royal princess, a daughter of the Most High: a fighter alongside your King on the spiritual battlefield for souls.

To equip you for this mission, author Julie Onderko here brings you exciting tales about bold female warriors of the spirit, from heroic Old Testament women such as Judith, Deborah, and Esther (who prefigured the most courageous of all, the Virgin Mary) to more recent icons of the Faith, including Saint Clare, Saint Monica, and Saint Faustina.

From within their diverse circumstances and vocations, these storied women warriors for Christ will teach you the powerful spiritual tactics that they used in their battles against the devil – and that you can use, too! – tactics that will help you grow holy even as you engage in the profoundest endeavor of all: saving souls for Christ.

In the great drama of human history and on a continuing basis, souls are won or lost for eternity. With all the angels and saints – and in particular with the Virgin Mary – you are called to play your part. Open these pages to prepare yourself today!

Among the additional holy women you'll meet in these pages are:

  • St. Jane de Chantal
  • St. Margaret Bosco
  • St. Zélie Martin
  • St. Thérèse of Lisieux
  • St. Joan of Arc
  • St. Perpetua
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"A timely invitation and inspiration for all women! Learn and live what's in this book!"

Kathleen Beckman
Author, When Women Pray, Praying for Priests, and God's Healing Mercy
Msgr. John Cihak photo

"Julie Onderko has done a marvelous job of orchestrating the lives of these women saints, our big sisters in Christ. "

Msgr. John Cihak
Author, editor, and pastor
Mary Harrell photo

"A thrilling book."

Mary Harrell
Producer and host of Mater Dei Radio show "Coffee & Donuts with John and Mary"
  • Pages: 128
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  • ISBN: 978-1-622827-213
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  • Publication Date: November 19, 2019
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Women For The Faith
This book is an insightful read and a wonderful introduction/reminder of some of the most holy women who act as role models in the faith. Its message is encouraging for women in any stage of their faith life.
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I really enjoyed reading Julie’s first book Discover Your Next Mission from God. I think Julie’s new book is even better. The book takes us through time and history with some remarkable women, “Women Saints Who Won the Battle for Souls.” Quotes from Julie’s book “The earth is a combat zone where souls are won or lost for an eternity.” As a mom and now grandma I know for sure spiritual conflicts are real and unavoidable. For me this battle is personal. “We must know ourselves, who we are created to be, before we grab our sword and heard for the battlefield.” I see this book as an instruction manual. The women in this book give all of us hope and courage. We are not alone in this battle. We are joining our sisters throughout history as we continue to fight the fight. Thank you, Julie, for this book.
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“In our culture there are so many conflicting messages about what it means to be a woman. This book encapsulates what it truly means to be a beloved daughter of Jesus and our distinctive role in bringing His love into the world. It inspired me to surrender more of my heart to Jesus and trust that He is making something beautiful out of my life.” - Rhapsody Onderko
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