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Mary, the first Christian . . . and the best!

She was the first Christian, the first person called to know Jesus personally, and to love and serve Him. Because Mary knew Jesus better than anyone has ever known Him - and served him more perfectly - her life is a model for all of us Christians.

Unfortunately, our knowledge of Mary is quite limited. Scripture affords us glimpses of only a handful of incidents from her life. But, as Fr. John Kane shows in these pages, the good news is that the details of those incidents are spiritually rich beyond measure. Each one is worthy of contemplation; each contains a lesson for sinners like you and me; each is a lesson direct from the Blessed Mother herself!

With spiritual deftness, Fr. Kane here draws from Mary's words and deeds (and even from her silence) the many holy lessons she has for us, so that in our lives we can rely on the wisdom that formed hers.

Mary shows us how to grow attentive to God's presence within us, to walk by the light of faith, to remain serene when doubts afflict us, and even - when we're angry, hurt, or misunderstood - to bear ourselves toward others as she did.

Mary teaches us how to let God direct our steps, how to remain humble in commanding and obeying, and how to seek holiness through our daily work. She shows us how to pray with humility and perseverance, to advance in perfection, and, by doing all these things, to conform ourselves to the holy will of God.

Holy Mary, Mother of God is a comprehensive spiritual introduction to Mary, the Mother of God, the greatest saint the Church has ever known, the woman God's own angel declared "blessed among women."

Mary - the first and the best Christian - is the woman we each should emulate. These crisp, readable chapters show us how to do so.

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