Holy Year in Rome, A

The Complete Pilgrim’s Guide for the Year of Mercy

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In this definitive guide to the Jubilee of Mercy, EWTN’s Rome Correspondent, Joan Lewis, takes you back in time for a look at the history of Jubilees, and then brings you to the present with a visit to the seven pilgrim basilicas of Rome and the immeasurable treasures of Rome and the Vatican.

Joan shares with you the many special graces you can receive this year, as well as countless fun facts such as the significance of the Holy Doors, the key features of Catholic architecture, the liturgical customs that are unique to the Jubilee of Mercy, how to obtain an indulgence, and so much more.

Whether you make a pilgrimage to Rome or are celebrating this extraordinary year in your own home, there’s no better guide than EWTN’s Joan Lewis.

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Editorial Reviews

Teresa Tomeo photo

"A Holy Year in Rome is the perfect gift for anyone who desires to learn more about the Church and the place it calls home."

Teresa Tomeo
Cardinal Timothy Dolan photo

"Leave it to Joan to make us feel at home in Rome! For those of you able to accept the invitation of Pope Francis to come as pilgrims to the city of Peter and Paul, make sure you bring Joan’s book with you!"

Cardinal Timothy Dolan
Archbishop of New York
Archbishop Rino Fisichella photo

"Joan Lewis provides each pilgrim with thoughtful insights and practical details which are essential for a fruitful pilgrimage to the Eternal City."

Archbishop Rino Fisichella
President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting the New Evangelization

"Thank you, Joan, for making Rome all the more accessible to all of us."

Cardinal Donald Wuerl
Archbishop of Washington

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As I write to confirm my 5 stars ***** for Joan Lewis' book, A Holy Year in Rome, I have the Roman sun warming my back and a view of St. Peter's Basilica on the skyline. I read and enjoyed this book before traveling, took it with me to Rome, and am having my last day in the Eternal City re-reading the details that my eyes experienced, but was too much for my brain to capture. JOAN IS YOUR PERSONAL, CATHOLIC, GUIDE Joan has captured the details of this complex Roman-Christian city and described it in a way that makes the city friendly and accessible. If your pilgrimage includes the request of a God-gifted, plenary indulgence, order this book to understand the history and fullness of such an indulgence. DON'T SKIP OVER THE TERMS AND THE HISTORY Joan does marvelous in giving the reader a set of terms that can be used and referred to throughout the entire trip. The history section gives a sense of the magnitude in this extraordinary Holy Year, the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Enjoy the historical connections of your favorite Saints and when they were also celebrating a Holy Year. TRAVEL ADVICE - ODDS AND ENDS If you only get this book for the travel advice pages including odds and ends, you are receiving a gem. Joan understands the thoughts of an American traveler and what knowledge and nuances are helpful for us in Rome. She is a trusted guide and a faithful companion through the pages of this book. Janet C. Munday
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History, Purpose and Celebration
Reading Joan's blog and hearing her on Vatican Insider easily confirms that this book will bring history, purpose and celebration to many of us Roman Pilgrims. I have just ordered the book in preparation for my mid-February trip to visit the holy doors and experience the Year of Mercy. I'm confident that the 5 rating will hold, and will be sure to update my review when I get back.
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