I Believe in Love

A Personal Retreat Based on the Teaching of St. Therese of Lisieux

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The key to happiness from one who found it in joyful abundance: St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

This spiritual classic has long been beloved by Catholics for its wondrous distillation of the teaching of St. Thérèse of Lisieux into a reader-friendly set of meditations. It's perfect as a personal retreat when you have only a few moments to spare each day - and for spiritual reading anytime and anywhere.

Fr. Jean C. J. d'Elbée, a French priest deeply imbued with St. Thérèse's spirit, brings you St. Thérèse's teachings on God's love and the confidence in Him that it should inspire in your soul; humility, peace, and fraternal charity; the apostolate; the Cross; and what it means truly to abandon yourself to Divine Providence. I Believe in Love has helped countless souls embark on the way to the Father. It will help you focus on Him throughout each day, rest in Him amid your troubles, and live joyfully with Him at every moment!

You'll learn:

  • How you can (and must) have confidence in God, not in spite of your sufferings, but because of them!
  • The secret that makes sense of the pain and trouble in your life - no matter how great
  • One thing you must cherish in your soul, or you'll never learn to love as Jesus loves
  • God's love for you personally: are you really aware of its reality in every moment of your life? How you can see it at work
  • The spiritual goldmine that is at your fingertips now - if you know where to find it
  • What you must do before you speak about the Faith, or your words will be useless
  • Crosses: why you can't avoid them - and why you should love the ones God sends you
  • How to deal with failures, reversals, and difficult moments of all kinds - without losing your spiritual or emotional equilibrium
  • The Fall of Adam and Eve: how even it shows God's abiding love for every soul
  • The sin that destroys countless souls - since few know how to recognize and fight it
  • Do you wish you had the love of God that the saints have - but are discouraged by your weaknesses? Why you should take heart
  • Are you drawing on all the treasures of the Eucharist and the saints? How you can be sure
  • The comforting reason why our Lord at times chooses not to deliver you from trials
  • Much more that will show you how to live in the glorious love of God at each moment!

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Editorial Reviews

Fr. Benedict Groeschel photo

"A Theresian classic that profoundly and beautifully reveals God's deep personal love for each of us and correspondingly awakens in us a burning love for Him. If you want to grow in love of God, this book is a must."

Fr. Benedict Groeschel
Fr. George Rutler photo

"With felicity and wisdom, this retreat introduces St. Thérèse free of sentimentalism and obscurantism."

Fr. George Rutler
Fr. Kenneth Baker photo

"Whoever reads this book attentively and prayerfully will grow in the love of God and even desire to be a saint."

Fr. Kenneth Baker
Homiletic and Pastoral Review
Thomas Howard photo

"Fr. d'Elbée's retreat, based on St. Thérèse's `little way,' draws us into the immensity of that `little way.' Sophia Institute Press has done us all a great service in bringing this work back into print."

Thomas Howard
Most Rev. Fabian Bruskewitz photo

"May this `personal retreat' based on the teachings of the little nun of Lisieux be for those who use it an occasion of grace not only to enlighten their minds, but to elevate their souls to approach the sublime destiny that the `little way' shows to all"

Most Rev. Fabian Bruskewitz
Diocese of Lincoln

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I Believe in Love set bundle

I Believe in Love set

This spiritual classic has long been beloved by Catholics for its wondrous distillation of the teaching of St. Thérèse of Lisieux into a reader-friendly set of meditations

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Amazing Insights
This book of retreats is filled with amazing insights into the spiritual life - a life of utter confidence in Christ and complete trust in His Love and Mercy. It also gives practical ways to live His Love and spread it among those with whom we come in contact. Draws on teachings of St. Therese, but it's obvious the author lives what he has learned from her as well.
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The Love of the Savior
I BELIEVE IN LOVE is an outstanding book which explores the personal love that Christ has for each individual. It is an answer to the common cry of our modern world, a cry for love. This book delves into the true meaning of love and applies it to how we can love Christ, and how Christ loves us. When read with an open heart, I BELIEVE IN LOVE can change your life.
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