Imitation of Mary

Keys to Growth in Virtue and Grace


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Our Lord is constantly pouring out graces upon mankind, yet only a few — those closest to His heart — know how to receive them. Sadly, countless graces are left unclaimed (likely many by you!) and are thus never allowed to further God's will on earth. 

How different our lives would be if we accessed God's grace more intentionally! 

Thankfully, God in His compassion gave us a perfect model for disposing ourselves to His graces and responding to them: the Blessed Virgin Mary.

In The Imitation of Mary, Fr. Quan Tran shows you how to imitate the twelve essential qualities of Mary in order to unleash a torrent of graces in your life. He explains that, like any gift, grace must be received, opened, and used. As you learn how, you'll begin to acquire the temperaments, dispositions, and qualities that are most pleasing to God — and you'll serve as a channel of God's grace for others.

You'll also learn:

  • The three major obstacles to living a life of faith

  • What to do if you experience a crisis of faith

  • The four levels of happiness — and how to acquire them

  • How it's possible for you to merit an increase in graces

  • Seven ways you can cultivate a rich devotion to Our Lady

  • The difference between sanctifying grace and actual grace

  • The four effects that grace will have on your soul

Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez photo

"This book will help all of us in this uncertain and challenging time to take Mary as our model, learning from her how to say 'yes' to God’s will and his plan of salvation and how to live in humble service to Jesus in every situation in our lives. "

Most Rev. Jose H. Gomez
Archbishop of Los Angeles
Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem. photo

"Father Quan goes about the work of an apostle to build up the Church by encouraging and building up the life of the individual soul. Full of practical advice and a keen pastoral sense, he introduces the reader gradually, but firmly to a life in Christ he or she may never have imagined possible. "

Fr. Hugh Barbour, O. Praem.
St. Michael's Abbey, Silverado, California
Fr. Robert J.  Spitzer S.J. photo

" Fr. Quan Tran has prepared for us a spiritual itinerary to imitate twelve qualities of Mary that open us to the Lord’s transformative grace in our hearts and lives. Making these twelve qualities habits – second nature – is a lifetime project, but prayerful conscientiousness will strengthen them on our journey, bringing us closer and closer to the holiness and love of Mary our Mother. "

Fr. Robert J. Spitzer S.J.
President, Magis Center of Reason and Faith
Kathleen Beckman photo

"A practical, must-read for Catholics seeking to grow in union with Christ, and imitating Blessed Mother’s faithful discipleship. I very highly recommend this book!"

Kathleen Beckman
Most Rev. James F. Checchio, JCD, MBA photo

"I have no doubt that this labor of love will draw Father Tran’s readers closer to Mary and enable all who reflect on his words to better know how to use the gifts which God has given them to build up His Kingdom and respond 'yes' as Our Lady did."

Most Rev. James F. Checchio, JCD, MBA
Bishop of Metuchen
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  • Publication Date: November 19, 2020
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Fr. Tran clearly illuminates how simple it is to access God's grace. We must imitate the one who was always full of grace, Mother Mary! Open the book and receive the simple words of wisdom. Open your heart and receive and respond to the grace continually poured out by God!
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Like GRACE, this book is a GIFT
Like GRACE, this book is a GIFT –open it, read it, imagine it, use it, wear it, share it and give thanks! Thank you Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother and Fr. Tran for this book, Imitation of Mary. Inspired by Johnnette Williams on the EWTN show Women of Grace, we are starting a virtual book study – One Chapter at a Time, One Month at a Time - at our parish!
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Chapter 3 reminded me of my wedding day and the very popular CEREMONY READING :: 1 CORINTHIANS. Oh how I wish I had the wisdom in this chapter alone to guide my marriage and family. Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, who cradled the word of truth in her arms, has opened heaven’s treasure chest to the world in this book. A gift indeed.
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Great HOW TO book
A very readable "How To" grow in holiness and virtue. While it uses Mary as the model, it is not about her. The subtitle is more descriptive: Keys to growth in virtue and grace. If you are looking for a nice step-by-step guide to spiritual growth, you will enjoy this book. Some great "practical suggestions" at the end of each chapter. Like having your own Spiritual Director walking with you on the journey.
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This is a valuable, condensed book. We cannot just glance by and say that we finish reading it. In fact, we need to read it everyday, meditate on it, savor, enjoy each page slowly because this book is for our wisdom, healing, blessings and protection. I really like the chapter on Humility. Pride ruins our life, our health, our relationships with others. Pride steals our joy, our peace, our love. This teaching about humility changes my life. It improves my relationships with others because I do not depend on others to approve of me anymore. I can now relax, rest and enjoy my relationships with people whom I love without being afraid to be judged because I learn to be .. humble now. What a relief. This is a book that teaches a virtues, obedience to God. it is a blessing to humanities.
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